Zina Warrior Princess hornpipe

Also known as Ups And Downs And Roundabouts, Zina’s.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Zina Warrior Princess
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:(3FGA|d>A (3GFE D>GF>E|D>Ad>c d>AF>A|B>GE>D C2 (3DEF|G>FG>A B>A (3FGA|
d>A (3GFE D>GF>E|D>Ad>c d>AF>A|B>gd>B A>fd>A|(3cBA (3GFE D2:|
|:(3GFE|D2 A>c d2 (3ABc|d2 A>c d>AG>F|E2 B>^d e2 B>d|e2 (3Bc^d e>GF>E|
D2 A>c d2 (3ABc|d2 A>c d>AG>F|B>gd>B A>fd>A|(3cBA (3GFE D2:|
|:(3age|f2 A>f- f>Ad>f|e2 A>e- e>Ac>e|d>BG>B d>BG>d|e>cA>c e>c (3age|
f2 A>f- f>Ad>f|e2 A>e- e>Ac>e|B>gd>B A>fd>A|(3cBA (3GFE D2:|
X: 2
T: Zina Warrior Princess
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dA (3GFE DGFE|DAdc dAFA|BgdB AfdA|(3cBA (3GFE D2:|
|:(3GFE|D2 Ac d2 (3ABc|d2 Ac dAGF|E2 B^d e2 Bd|e2 (3Bc^d eGFE|
D2 Ac d2 (3ABc|d2 Ac dAGF|BgdB AfdA|(3cBA (3GFE D2:|
|:(3age|f2 Af- fAdf|e2 Ae- eAce|dBGB dBGd|ecAc ec (3age|
f2 Af- fAdf|e2 Ae- eAce|BgdB AfdA|(3cBA (3GFE D2:|

Ten comments

“Zina Warrior Princess”

Yeah, I know, abuse… Not really, I just wanted to let you know that even in your absence you are still in the thoughts of others, and ocassionally pop up in mine too, like on a long walk in the feezing cold tonight. This weird tune came on me as I was shaking it up and dodging traffic during rush hour. We eventually got to some quiet spots too, and we explored the neighbourhood windows looking for Christmas decorations, still slim as yet, but I expect this weekend will be a great increase in trees. The community tree has been up since the first of the month, though a little squiff.

I know, I take full blame for the weirdness in this. It changed to odd once I got in the house and was preparing the espresso to warm us up. The original tune’s A-part is pretty much in tact, but the next two parts went a bit la-la as the espresso was espressing… The lesson ~ You shouldn’t be making music and coffee simultaneously.

Anyway, this is for a friend who has been unusually quiet of late, and who was kind to me in my moments of need. Sadly, this might not be equal to her or necessarily kind, but I promise, there is heart in there somewhere. You don’t have to play it Zina, and the title may evolve over time. There is a long neutral alternative given for now… Who loves yuh babe? ~ lots of folks, I promise you… Life is definitely full of ups and downs and roundabouts… That’s why that descent to the D repeats…

But I like the low notes… 😏

Growling and grumbling in G, ~

“Zina Warrior Princess” ~ interrrrrupted

Yes, the mechanics first, if you are a flute or whistle player or your bottom is limiting, say to D, the instead of playing and holding on the C you can play E, but you knew that already right? 😉

Now for a long pause as I re-re-reconsider what was going through my heart last night…

The low Down and the run Down ~

That repeating ending and the run down to D… Yeah, we have all experienced those run downs, right down to the bedrock, or the bone… But that’s the humour in this, honestly, can’t you hear it? When all the c**p is finally above you there’s sold ground underneath and you can, honestly, get your feet again, find something solid ~ like the tonic D, like friends and family, like the music and dance and the passions of your heart. Do yuh know what I mean? It’s there, push against that bedrock and stand up, slowly if necessary, take your time, let it give you your balance back, your centre, and isn’t tonic wonderful in that way, and what better tonic than D, eh?

So, that was going through my head on that freezing wet walk, and that was going through my head as I supped port and that was this tune ~ weird as it may be ~ in answer to feeling helpless, not new for me, when someone I care about is in need…

No, I’m not soppy, I’m a miserly miserable old git… 😏
Do you believe that ~ a “tonic in D”? Now if only I could bottle it and make my fortune seeling assundry snake oils…

“Come one, Come all, Come all ye and gather about ~ the miracle of miracles, the cure of cures ~ D TONIC OF TONICS!!! ”

Gobble-di-goop free version

Hey… I thought you were going to post the version sans gobble-di-goop in the comments section from now on. Nevermind… I did it for you.

X: 2
T: Zina Warrior Princess
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: hornpipe
K: Dmaj
|: (3FGA | dA (3GFE DGFE | DAdc dAFA | BGED C2 (3DEF | GFGA BA (3FGA |
dA (3GFE DGFE | DAdc dAFA | BgdB AfdA | (3cBA (3GFE D2 :||
|: (3GFE | D2 Ac d2 (3ABc | d2 Ac dAGF | E2 B^d e2 Bd | e2 (3Bc^d eGFE |
D2 Ac d2 (3ABc | d2 Ac dAGF | BgdB AfdA | (3cBA (3GFE D2 :||
|: (3age | f2 Af- fAdf | e2 Ae- eAce | dBGB dBGd | ecAc ec (3age |
f2 Af- fAdf | e2 Ae- eAce | BgdB AfdA | (3cBA (3GFE D2 :||

Hey, you did it… I’m honoured… I don’t misconstrue that you necessarily like the tune, but this little effort has helped to make my day a little brighter… 🙂

Zina Warrior Princess

Nice tune. I like the descending triplets at the end of each part - best done with a separate bow stroke for each note (a la Peoples).

“c”, you darling. 🙂 You’ve brightened my day rather considerably; I didn’t see this until today. I don’t think I’ve ever had a tune called after me before. You DO like to swing between curmudgeon and sweet, don’t you, you mad thing? *smooch*

It’s been a very wild, un-fun ride since about last November, but life continues to make itself worth it. ;) I was telling David and John the other day about coming back from an evening out with my ex’s stepsister on Friday night (she lives in Massachusetts, full of lovely woods and secretive little lakes); the moon was full, playing hide and seek through the trees over the road, which curved through the woods and presented us with an occasional fox, a cat, and of course the moths, kamikazi diving our headlights.

As we turned onto the narrow bridge that gives you your first view of the lake (which is quite large, but is only about 10 feet deep in its deepest part), we realized that white mist was rising up off the water in wispy banks. When we pulled into her driveway and got out of the car, the moon posing between two clumps of beautiful trees, we saw a family of nightowl ducks, paddling up a silvery path of moonlight between the rolling, changing banks of mist.

We watched until we got cold and went into the cozy house and the warm light, feeling safe and happy and cared for.

Finding this made me feel just like that. 🙂