Rothbury Hills waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Rothbury Hills
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def|:g3 f g2|d3 B G2|A3 B A2|F4 D2|G4 B>c|d4 g2|
f3 a f2|d4 B2|c3 e c2|B3 A GD|E2 c2 BG|A3 B c2|
d3 B G2|A d3 F2|G6|G4 d2|e3 c e2|g3 f e2|
d4 D>G|B4 d^c|=c3 B c2|D3 E F2|G4 Bc|d4 d2|
g3 f g2|d3 B G2|A3 B A2|F4 D2|E c3 A2|
[1d3 c AF|G6|G4 (3def:|2 d2 f2 af|g6|g4||

One comment

Rothbury Hills

A slow 3/4 air from Northumberland, composed in the last century by Northumbrian piper Jack Armstrong. Trouble was, there were at least two well-known (locally, anyway) pipers of that name, and I wouldn’t know which it was. Kathryn Tickell and no doubt others have recorded this tune.
The Simonside Hills that loom over Rothbury are among various ridges with which geology has endowed the county seemingly at random. The village and its area is a longstanding traditional music locale. It achieved national fame some years back when its post office was staked out and robbed Wild West-style, in broad daylight.