The Meirionethshire Retreat March jig

Also known as Ymdaith Encil Meirionydd.

The Meirionethshire Retreat March has been added to 9 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Meirionethshire Retreat March
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B/A/|G>BG Adc|Bge dgB|c>ec BGB|AA/A/A A2 B/A/|
GBG Ad>c|Bge dB/c/d|ece f>df|gGG G2:|
|:B/c/|d2 B dgd|e2 c ege|dd/d/c BGB|cA^G A2 B/A/|
G2 B A>dc|Bge dB>d|e2 e fd/e/f|gG/G/G G2:|

Ten comments

"The Meirionethshire Retreat March" ~ 18th Century & in 6/8

Despite a few of these ‘retreat marches’ being in 6/8, that means the midi takes them at a rip. They are not jigs and are taken very relaxed, so in a sense, despite it having been written way back when in 6/8, doubling the amount of measures and giving it in 3/4 would have slowed it down close to how it should be taken.

There is some information on this in the ‘Comments’ to the following ‘retreat march’:

"The Rakes Of Kildare ~ Retreat March"

Key signature: A Dorian
Submitted on May 25th 2001 by Jeremy.

This is a beauty played as a march, slow, a ‘retreat march’, and it also is a great way to introduce this lovely melody to learners, one better known as a jig…

The Meirionethshire Retreat March

What is there to retreat FROM, in Meirionethshire?
What is there to retreat TO, in Meirionethshire?

Good question nicholas, I’ll ask around… 😉

I take it that things were a bit different in the 1700s… 😏

"Ymdaith & Ymdaith Encil Meirionnydd" gan/by John Perry Ddall Rhiwabon

A different take on these can be found here:

"Pocket Tune-Book: John Perry Ddall Rhiwabon"
~ One of several ‘Tune-Books’ edited and arranged by Robin Huw Bowen
Gwasg Teires, Aberystwyth, Cymru / Wales, 1991

Tune # 25: "Ymdaith & Ymdaith Encil Meirionnydd" / "Meirionethshire March & Retreat March"

John Parry o Rhiwabon ("Parry Ddall") ~ 1710 - 1782

"A Collection of Welsh English and Scotch Airs" ~ 1760
"Ancient British Music" ~ 1742
"British Harmony" ~ 1781
Compiled by John Parry

Blind Parry of Ruabon, Welsh Triple Harpist, born blind near Nefyn on Pen Llŷn, Caernarfonshire, Cymru / Wales…