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One setting

X: 1
T: Hound's Tune
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dfed cA A2|ABcd e2 ef|gfed cAAB|ABcA d2 dA|
dfed cA A2|ABcd e2 ef|gfed cAAB|ABcA d2 d2|

Six comments

Hound’s Tune

This is a Newfoundland tune learned from the playing of Leonard Payne. It is often played on the accordian, though popular on the fiddle as well. A hound is a type of seabird.


The A’s and B’s in the second section are actually meant to be down the octave, in case anyone was thinking those sudden leaps looked odd. Apologies, it’s my first submission. I was bound to shag something up in the ABC format! I’ll try and be more on the ball for the next tune.

You’ve done right and corrected the ABCs… I’ve seen and been responsible for worse in early efforts. I’d learned one of the old antiquated versions of ABCs and sometimes forgot myself… Nice to see some music from Newfoundland here…

One question though, is that A-part really supposed to be 9 measures / bars in length ~ making the tunes total 17? 😏

First off, thanks for your comments! Are you familiar with any Newfoundland tunes yourself?
Believe it or not, that is the proper length of the A-part. It goes for a third turn, rather than the typical two. Newfoundland tunes have a tendency to surprise ya sometimes!

Only the old stuff. I got my first specs in St. John’s. I loved the the place and would enjoy a return, maybe some day… When I was there the singing tradition was strong and there were the occassional dances. Most of the music I remember, and it was a long time ago, was straight, as far as I can remember, meaning 8s, 16s, 24s, 32s… Sadly we haven’t any Newfoundland music in the house. I only owned a couple of LPs and those are no longer in my posession. I remember well the taste and smell of the sea, the annual walks along the beach gathering fish in buckets, and the icebergs, and the bugs, and the best fish and seafood just about anywhere… 🙂