Xesus And Felisa reel

By John McCusker

Also known as Xesus & Felicia, Xesus & Felisa, Xesus And Felisa, Xesús E Felisa.

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Another John McCusker tune

Here’s the John McCusker slow reel that I was talking about (in the Frank’s reel discussion). John taught the tune to a class that I attended and I’ve tried to transcribe it faithfully, but no promises. This is also my first ABC experience, the tune looks right but I have no idea if it is a simple DMaj or some other modal thing. Anyway, it is a beautiful tune, with a nice slightly melancholy ending. He wrote it for the wedding of some friends, so perhaps the melancholy is only in my imagination. There are 3 parts which he played single. The runs B/c/d are played lightly and provide nice lifts in the tune.

Xesús e Felisa

If I am not mistaken, I think the correct name would be “Xesús e Felisa”, because Felisa (Segade) is the name of one of the tambourine player and singer of the galician band called “Leilía”.

The name is Xesus and Felisa - in his tunebook he says he named it as a wedding present for their Galician tour manager and his new bride. Whether this is the Felisa from Leilia I do not know.

“Xesús e Felisa” / “Xesus & Felisa” ~ where it took me…

X: 2
T: Xesús e Felisa
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
Q: 120
R: single reel
K: Bmin
|: F^E | FBBc defa | efed c2 dc | BGGF G2 B/c/d |[1 cAA^G A2 :|[2 cBB^A B2 ||
|: de | f3 e faaf | efed c2 A=c | BGGF G2 Bd | [1 cAA^G A2 :|[2 cBB^A B2 ||
|: ag | fBB^A B2 eg | gffe edde | eAA^G Aceg |[1 gffb ba :|[2 gffd B2 |]

C: John McCusker

Nice tune too…

the C natural gives off a ‘spanish’ phrygian vibe, more ‘longing’ than melancolic perhaps…

Re: Cooley’s

Sorry, Thought I was in the search menu and inadvertently changed the title to Cooley’s. How do I clear this?

Re: Xesus And Felisa

I have done it for you.