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Five comments

ABC Mistake

The high b in the third bar doesn’t belong there. A case-sensitive error on my part I’m afraid. The ABC is correct now.

Tinker’s Frolic

Looks like a 2-part version of the Jolly Tinker in a different key. Your version is nice. The Jolly Tinker annoys me with all those parts. I might give this a try instead.

Tinker’s Frolic’s and Jolly Tinker

I agree with Dow, this does look like a two part version of the Jolly tinker, moved down into E from A and with the last (5th) part of the jolly tinker as the first part of this one, and the 1st part of the Jolly tinker as the last part in this one.

The only significant deviation seems to be in the second bar of this tune (or the second bar in the 5th part in the jolly tinker).

I managed not to notice the similarity by ear… …so having thought of it as a different tune, I’m going to continue to play it as a different tune!!!

Tinker’s Frolic (version played by the Teetootallers)

Last tune in this “Dear Irish Boy” set (Dear Irish Boy, The Hole in the Boat, Sally Sloane’s and The Tinker’s Frolic) by the Teetotallers (Crawford, Hayes, Doyle)

(played on a Bb whistle)

T:Tinker’s Frolic, The
C: as played by Kevin Crawford
S: Teetotallers - Dear Irish Boy - 4
|: e~A3 ~e2dB | e~A3 dG (3Bcd | e~A3 eage |1 dBGB dGBd :|2 dz GB dGBG ||
|:~A3B GABG | ~A2 Bd (3efg dB | ~A3B GABe |1 dBGB dGBG :|2 dz GB d ~g2f ||