Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland reel

Also known as Mrs Hamilton Of Pencaitland, Mrs. Hamilton Of Pincaitland, Mrs. Hamilton Of Pitcaithland.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
||A2 G2|F6 G2|A4 A4|B4 d4|B4 G4|F4 d4|A4 F4|E4E4|
E4 G4|F6 G2|A4 A4|B4 c4|d4 g4|f2 a2a4|f6 e2|d4d4|
d4 A2 G2|F6 G2|A4 A4|B4 d4|A4 f4|g6 e2|f4 d4|e4e4|e4 A2 G2|
F6 G2|A4 A4|B4 d4|A4 F4|G2 F2 G2 B2|A4 F2 E2|D4D4|D4 a2 g2|
f6 a2|g4 e4|d4d4|d4 e2 f2|g6 b2|a4 f4|e4e4|e4 a2 g2|
f6 a2|g4 e4|d4 f4|A4 F4|G4 B4|A4 F2 E2|D4D4|D4 a2 g2|
f6 a2|g2 e2 c2 e2|d4d4|d4 e2 f2|g4 b4|a2 f2 d2 f2|e4e4|e4 f2 g2|
a6 f2|g2 f2 e2 g2|f4 d4|A4 F4|G2 F2 G2 B2|A4 F2 E2|D4D4|D4||
X: 2
T: Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
G/F/|E>FGG AcAF|Ec G>F//E// D3 G/F/|E>FGG A>B cf|egfd c2 c
G/F/|E>FGG AcGe|FdEc D2 DG/F/|E>FGG Ac GF/E/|FG/A/ GB, C2 C||
g/f/|egfd c2 cd/e/|fage d2 dg/f/|e>fdB ce GF/E/|FG/A/ GB, C2 C
g/f/|egfd c2 cd/e/|fage d2 de/f/|g>efd ec GF/E/|FG/A/ GB, C2 C||
|:G/F/|ECCC EC A/G/F/E/|F/>E/F/G/ A/G/F/E/ D3 G/F/|ECGE cG ec/e/|
f/e/d/c/ B/A/G/F/ EC C:|g/f/|egfd c/d//e// f//g//a//b// c'
d/e/|fage d/e//f// g//a//b//c'// d'f|e>fdB ce GF/E/|
FAGB, C3 g/f/|egfd c/d//e// f//g//a//b// c'e|
fg/a/ ge d/e//f// g//a//b//c'// d'f|eg/e/ fd ec GF/E/|FG/A/ GB, C2 C||
X: 3
T: Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:ed|cdea faec|df f/e/d/c/ cB Be/d/|
cdea faec|de/f/ ec A2 A2:|
|:ed|ce AA/e/ ce f/e/d/c/|df f/e/d/c/ cB Be/d/|
[1 ce AA/e/ ce f/e/d/c/|de/f/ ec A2 A2:|
[2 cdea faec|de/f/ ec A2 A2||
|:ed|c/A/c/e/ f/e/d/c/ a/g/a/e/ f/e/d/c/|df f/e/d/c/ cB Be/d/|
[1 c/A/c/e/ f/e/d/c/ a/g/a/e/ f/e/d/c/|de/f/ ec A2 A2:|
[2 cdea faec|de/f/ ec A2 A2||
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X: 4
T: Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:dc|Bcdg egdB|ce e/d/c/B/ BA Ad/c/|
Bcdg egdB|cd/e/ dB G2 G2:|
|:dc|Bd GG/d/ Bd e/d/c/B/|ce e/d/c/B/ BA Ad/c/|
[1 Bd GG/d/ Bd e/d/c/B/|cd/e/ dB G2 G2:|
[2 Bcdg egdB|cd/e/ dB G2 G2||
|:dc|B/G/B/d/ e/d/c/B/ g/f/g/d/ e/d/c/B/|ce e/d/c/B/ BA Ad/c/|
[1 B/G/B/d/ e/d/c/B/ g/f/g/d/ e/d/c/B/|cd/e/ dB G2 G2:|
[2 Bcdg egdB|cd/e/ dB G2 G2||
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Hello, is anybody there? 😏

There you are!!! 🙂

Sorry nicholas, I’m just looking for trouble and you came along…

What I was curious about, is it played to a steady rhythm or is it more free form? Also, is it a recent composition? That should be in the liner notes for the album…

Also, let Jeremy know, there seems to be something wrong with the midi?

Mrs. Hamilton

ceolachan - steady 4/4 rhythm, a bit like Da Slockit Light only I think a bit slower. I got the disc from a friend who gave me a lot of downloads the other day, so have no album notes. My ethic is to buy the music of people I respect, but when it’s not in the shops and a mate passes by with a few downloads I’ll cave in easily - not that it happens every day!

I picked up on your latest notes re. KOTF - the Pope ought to have banned that tune - I’m still thinking of a suitable riposte. If I ever come to your session I’ll eat a head of raw garlic on the way.

Wrong sort of Vamp-ire ~ I love garlic… Now beets are another thing…

The comparison with playing ‘Da Slockit’?! ~ I like that… 🙂

Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland

I believe this tune is a composition by one of the Gows, i.e. an Eighteenth Century Scottish air.

Full Version

This is a three part tune, and the A part has more going on than the version posted here. Beautiful, beautiful air. Hamish Moore plays a lovely Bellowspipe version of this.


Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland

Composed by Nathaniel Gow (1763-1831), one of Scotland’s greatest composers, in my opinion. In ‘The Beauties of Gow’ (1819) this tune is in four parts, but it’s often played in just two. It can be played pathetically slow (e.g. Hector MacAndrew, Ian Powrie, Willie Hunter) or at a slightly faster, stately tempo (e.g. Ron Gonnella, Pete Clark).

I will submit Ian Powrie’s version later.

The most likely candidate for the "Mrs Hamilton" is Janet Hamilton (née Dundas), who married Colonel John Hamilton (who took the name of Hamilton after inheriting the Pencaitland estate from his mother, Mary Hamilton Nisbet, daughter of Alexander Hamilton) . Nathaniel Gow wrote "Colonel Hamilton of Pencaitland’s Welcome Home" for John Hamilton.
Janet was a daughter of Robert Dundas of Arniston the Younger, a Judge (Solicitor-General, Lord Advocate etc), one of a line of Dundas judges, and the one that Burns wrote "On The Death Of Robert Dundas, Esq., Of Arniston" in honour of.
Janet died in 1810.
Pencaitland is in East Lothian, near Haddington.

Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland

The second setting above is notated from the playing of the late Perthshire fiddler Ian Powrie from his 1988 ‘At Home’ album. It differs slightly from the version published by Nathaniel Gow, particularly in the third part.