Four recordings of
The Boys Of Bluehill
The Plains Of Boyle

The Boys Of Bluehill (hornpipe) is also known as The Beaux Of Oak Hill, The Beaux Of Oakhill, The Boys From The Blue Hill, The Boys Of Blue Hill, The Boys Of Blue Oak Hill, Boys Of The Blue Hill, Buachaillí An Chnoic Ghoirm, The Lad Of Bluehill, The Lads Of North Tyne, Mildew On My Mind, Na Buacaillide Ua Cnoc-gorm, Na Buaichallí Gorm.

The Plains Of Boyle (hornpipe) is also known as Pretty Maggie Morrisey, Roscommon Airport, The Wexford.

Irish Music from Cleveland by Tom Byrne and Tom McCaffrey

  1. Boys Of Bluehill
  2. The Plains Of Boyle

McGreevy And Cooley by John McGreevy And Seamus Cooley

  1. Plains Of Boyle
  2. The Boys Of Bluehill

North by Conor Caldwell and Danny Diamond

  1. The Blackbird
  2. The Boys Of Bluehill
  3. The Plains Of Boyle

Traditional Irish Music From Belfast by Alan McCartney, Paul Bradley, Jason O’Rourke, Brendan O’Hare and Ray Gallen

  1. The Boys Of Blue Hill
  2. The Plains Of Boyle