The Goldenrod slide

Also known as Golden Rod, The Golden Rod.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Goldenrod
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
ag|f3 fce dAF DFA|dcd bfa g3 gef|
g3 gec Ace g3|fc/d/e dAG F3- FAd|
f3 fce dAF D2 A|dcd bfa g3 Bcd|
e3 edf eBd c2 B|Ace gec d3- d||
FG|A3 AFA dfd A2 F|DFA ded c3 E2 F|
G3 GFG e2 f e2 d|cBc dAG F3 DFG|
A2 A AFA d2 d AFE|DFA dc=c B3 B2 ^c|
ded dcB Ad/e/f a3|gec ABc d3- d||

Five comments

“The Goldenrod Jig” ~ by Wilfred Gillis

Willfred Gillis, R.I.P. ~ Airisaig - Anitgonish County - Cape Breton Island - Nova Scotia & Ottawa, aside from some fine compositions in circulation, composer and fiddler, was also amongst the core group that set up and became known as ‘The Cape Breton Symphony’ ~ that core group of founders and early lights included Bobby Brown, John Donald Cameron, Angus Chisholm, Joe Cormier, Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald, Jerry Holland and Sandy MacIntyre…

As I understand it, Dan R. MacDonald did the transcribing of this jig as Wilfred played / composed it…

I should learn this one just for the title. I grew up in Alabama, where the state flower used to be the goldenrod, which made perfect sense, since they grow all over the state like weeds (oh wait, they ARE weeds). Then some snooty busybodies came along and got it changed to the camelia. It still annoys me in my anal moods.

Yeah, I love dandelions…

Late on the return dear Bob, but while I like the Camelia, it’s just soooo - Southern Bell and kind of frilly, with that heady perfume, glossy green leaves, and generally bouquet perfect blooms. I love Alabama, the ‘rough’ of it rather than any pretense of polish, and the goldenrod is a much better and more honest blossom for that state… 😉 Somehow the Camelia just seems wrong? 😏

Re: The Goldenrod

Love the Goldenrod and the tune.

A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place…

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