Binomial Expansion reel

Also known as Orphan, The Rescued Orphan.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Binomial Expansion
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
BE ~E2 FEDE|CE ~E2 B,E ~E2|GABG A2 dA|1 GBFB E2 GA:|2 GBFB E2 Bd||
|:e2 gf eagf|bgea fdgf|e2 ~e2 fede|ce ~e2 d2 af|e2 gf eagf|
bgea fdga|1 bagf edBA|GBFB E2 Bd:|2 eA ~A2 BcBA|GBFB E2 GA||

Fourteen comments

;BInomial Expansion

…this title leaves me in a cold sweat, shivering with anxiety, an unsurmountable boulder before my thoughts, unable to pick up my pencil, I mean, my instrument. Anyone else having the same problem?

It’s attention-seeking, rather like a whore at the roadside or an advert for a warehouse clearance sale.

Trinomial Contraction? ~ I take it this is your composition? Is there a tale to tell? 😏

Damn, I meant ‘contrition’… 😉


Are you saying that just plain Binomial isn’t good enough… that it has to be expanded? I’ve got friends who are Binomials and this whole thing may be bordering on discrimination. Or that the Binomial’s are out to take over by rapid expansion?

The first part is basically the same as that of “Drag her round the Road.”

I meant ‘contrition’… 🙁

Binomial Expansion?

Mmm? I like this tune, though I would have to say it reminds me more of the Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem - you know the one - every bounded monotonic sequence has a limit. Or perhaps the tune is an encoded version of the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem.
A name’s a name. When is a name attention-seeking and when is it not? Would “Harvey’s Sweaty Bum” be attention-seeking? Or what about “Harvey’s”?
Sorry. I’m being attacked by fits of festive madness.
Slainte, I don’t hear a C in the first part of “Drag her round the Road” - an attention-seeking name if ever I heard one.

Isn’t it said when nobody lays claim to it, you’d think they didn’t care ~ poor discarded thing… 🙁

Binomial Expansion

Yes, I wrote it. I meant to post a comment on it earlier, but my internet connection died as soon as I submitted it.
I wrote this tune as part of my AS Music composition, and happened to be doing my maths revision at the same time. Hence the name. You never know, maybe all those indeces and coefficients whirling round my head were part of the inspiration for the tune.
The teachers’ verdicts? They told me to go and add dynamics. Stupid, classically-trained ignorami…

LOL just put in an accelerando at the end 🙂


You should have done a slow air… Hey, thanks for the information, it gives the tune context and a bit of life and humour, much appreciated Joe CSS…

This is one of my favourite tunes at the moment. In the second part, however, I prefer to play the first bracket both times around rather than going into the second bracket. I find that makes it flow much better.

Hey! Awesome, nice to hear you’re enjoying it 🙂