One recording of a tune named
The Fermanagh
With a tune named
The Maho Snaps

The Fermanagh (strathspey) is also known as The Fermanagh Fling, Fermanagh Highland, Fermanagh Highland Fling, The Fermanagh Highland Fling, The Fermanagh Highland.

The Maho Snaps (jig) is also known as Dumfries House, Magho Snaps, The Maho Schnaps, Mahoe Snaps, The Mahoe Snaps, Mayo Snaps, The Mayo Snaps, McSnap’s.

Compánach: Music from All the Counties of Ireland by Various Artists

  1. Bessie Of Rossinure Hill
  2. The Fermanagh Highland
  3. The Fermanagh Quickstep
  4. The Maho Snaps