Eddie The Fiddlemaker jig

By Howie MacDonald

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Eddie The Fiddlemaker
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
G2A B2c|dBG ABA|G2A B2d|cAF CFA|
G2A B2c|dBG FAc|ded cAF|G3 G2A:|
|:g2a b2a|gfd fga|g2a b2g|fdc dfa|
[1 g2a f2g|e2f d2c|ded cAF|G3 G3:|
[2 g2a gbg|afa g2e|f2b efe|dcA GBA||
X: 2
T: Eddie The Fiddlemaker
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
G2 A B2 c|dBG cAF|G2 A B2 d|cAF DF/G/A|
G2 A B2 c|dB/A/G c2 A|d>ed cAF|G3 G2:|
g2 a b2 a|gfg f2 a|g2 a b2 g|fdc dfa|
1 g3 f2 g|e3 d2 c|d>ed cAF|G3 G2:|
2 g2 a bg/a/b|afa g2 e|f2 d cAF|G3 G2||
A2 B c2 d|ecA dBG|A2 B c2 e|dBG DGB|
A2 B c2 d|ecA GBd|efe dBG|A3 A2:|
a2 b c'2 b|age gab|a2 b c'2 a|ged egb|
1 a2 b g2 a|f2 g e2 d|efe dBG|A3 A2:|
2 a2 b c'a/b/c'|bgb a2 f|g2 e dBG|A3 A2||
X: 3
T: Eddie The Fiddlemaker
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
[1 G2A B2c|dBG Bcd|efe dcA|GAG G3||
[2 G2A B2c|dBd g3|ded cAF|G3 G3||
[3 G2A B2c|dBd f3|ded cAF|G3 G3||
g3gba|gfd gab|g3gag|fdc dfg||

Nine comments

Eddie The Fiddlemaker

Another tune by Howie MacDonald. It’s on WhY2Keilidh in a set with Thersea Beaton’s Jig and Stiffen ‘em Brenda.
He plays through the tune three times. Each time the variation on the A part is different and the third time the B part is different.
A rocking little tune.


Not sure why this cannot be put into sheet music so I’ve removed all phrasing and taken out the variation on the A part.

Jeremy the sheetmusic converter needs to sleep too, you know…

Eddie The Fiddlemaker

Well I was surprized to see this tune show up. It indeed was composed by Howie MacDonald and I am Eddie the Fiddlemaker. I am a neighbour of Howie’s in Cape Breton and did some work on his fiddles over the years. I made a few fiddles, about seven in all. Howie honored me by putting this tune on an album. He’s a great fiddler and a fine gentleman.

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Now there’s a lovely connection having been made. Nice one red. Do you have a website or pictures of your work you can link us to?

One of us is going to have to knock on The Whiz’s door. This was probably passed over when the ABCs were unconvertable. Now that they are simple it is just a matter of an email, hopefully… We’ll see…

"Eddie The Fiddlemaker" ~ a few more permutations

I don’t hear or play this in Dorian, but in minor, and it can also be played nicely as Major too…

K: g minor or G Major
|: D |
G2 A B2 c | dBG cAF | G2 A B2 d | cAF DF/G/A |
G2 A B2 c | dB/A/G c2 A | d>ed cAF | G3 G2 :|
|: d |
g2 a b2 a | gfg f2 a | g2 a b2 g | fdc dfa |
1 g3 f2 g | e3 d2 c | d>ed cAF | G3 G2 :|
2 g2 a bg/a/b | afa g2 e | f2 d cAF |G3 G2 ||

K: a minor or A Major
|: E |
A2 B c2 d | ecA dBG | A2 B c2 e | dBG DGB |
A2 B c2 d | ecA GBd | efe dBG | A3 A2 :|
|: e |
a2 b c’2 b | age gab | a2 b c’2 a | ged egb |
1 a2 b g2 a | f2 g e2 d | efe dBG | A3 A2 :|
2 a2 b c’a/b/c’ | bgb a2 f | g2 e dBG | A3 A2 ||

Howie plays Dorian and lots of variations

On WhY2Keilidh Howie MacDonald plays the tune three times.
Each time the repeat of the A part is played differently. The last four bars each time are:
1 G2A B2c|dbG Bcd|efe dcA|GAG G3|
2 G2A B2c|dBd g3|ded cAF|G3 G3|
3 G2A B2c|dBd f3|ded cAF|G3 G3|
On the third run through he plays the first four bars of the B part as:
g3-gba|gfd gab|g3-gag|fdc dfg|
as well as playing some of the quarter notes as double eighth notes.
It’s great to know that such a great tune honours a real person.

Fiddle & Bow makers deserve praise!!! 🙂

Not only is Howie a great guy the man the tune is named after (Red Ed) is a fantastic fellow himself. Not only a fiddle mentor but my teacher and fiddling mentor, and a hell of a cousin as well. Glad to see this tune appear on The Session.