Lament For Ian Dickson waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lament For Ian Dickson
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|:G4 F2|G3 A B2|c4 B2|A6|d3 c BA|c3 B AG|G2 B2 d2|A4 D2|
G4 F2|G3 A B2|c4 B2|A6|d3 c BA|c3 B AG|D2 d2 F2|1 G4 D2:|2 G4 d2||
|:e3 f g2|f2 d2 ag|f2 d2 B2|d6|e3 f g2|f2 d2 B2|e3 c ec|A4 d2|
e3 f g2|f2 d2 ag|f3 d B2|d6|e3 c BA|d3 B AG|D2 d2 F2|1 G4 d2:|2 G6||

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Gan Ainm Northumbrian Air

I heard this one in the 80s at some Northumbrian get-together - Rothbury Folk Festival, Morpeth Gathering, something like that. I heard some Northumbrian pipers playing this tune and have not heard it since. I heard it being played as a rhythmic 3/4 slow tune, not as a waltz


Gorgeous tune. Look forward to playing it, thank you.

Gan Aimn Northumbrian Air.

I’ve found no name for this one, though I suspect it’s relatively recent and N/brian suspects like dow and noelbats will know it and tell me how much I’ve mangled it up. I may have put the odd dotted note in the wrong place.
The tune begins a bit like Planxty Fanny Power and goes on to sound a bit like a couple of Kathryn Tickell’s in places, but is distinctive enough.

Northumbrian Gan Ainm - I’ve removed some dots / changed abc’s.

I’ve removed dotting from notes in Part 2, bars 2, 6 and 10.

Gan Aimn

This is a Slow Air called "Lament for Ian Dickson" by Dr Anthony Robb. Dr Robb is a well known Northumbrian Piper.
Yes, Dow should know it - Dr Robb was one of his teachers at High School.
It can be found in Peter Loud’s collection of Northumbrian, Tyneside & Other Trad Fiddle Tunes.

Lament For Ian Dickson

Thanks, hotspur; yes, I remember it now.

Again - the dotted/ shortened notes I’ve put in the sheet music are wrong I think in some cases - do regard them as a moveable feast.

Lament for Ian Dickson

This is, as hotspur said, "Lament for Ian Dickson" by Anthony Robb. I have a close version of it in a little book called "The Northumbrian Pipers’ Duet Book." As you might guess from the title of the book, the tune is written with a nice harmony line and the arrangement is by Carole Robb.


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Lament for Ian Dickson now just "Ian Dickson"

I wrote this tune for Margaret and Carolyn Dickson on the untimely death of Ian; husband and father respectively. Ian was the secretary of The Alnwick Pipers Society when I moved to the area in 1977. No sooner had the air been published when Margaret said she wished I’d just called the tune "Ian Dickson". It is actually a slow rhythmic tune and can be heard in duet form played by me and the brilliant young piper Alice Burn on a new CD "Windy Gyle" (

Ian Dickson

I was privileged to know and love both Carolyn and her parents, and equally privileged to have been introduced to their many friends, including Tony Robb.

I heard this fine tune in Sidmouth not long after Mr Dickson must have died and it was a hell of a shock. If Margaret or Carolyn should read this, I hope they will forgive my gaucheries, my painful pretensions, my stupidities and insecurities; and accept my humblest wishes for their happiness.