One recording of
Cnocán An Teampaill
The Eagle’s Whistle

Cnocán An Teampaill (jig) is also known as Cath Cnoc Na Ndos, Church Hill, The Church Hill, Church Street, Cnoc Na Teampaill, Cnocan’ Teampaill, Kitty The Rag, I’m In Love With You, Temple Hill.

The Eagle’s Whistle (waltz) is also known as Arrane Ny Niee, The Crying Of The Women At The Slaughter, The Eagle’s Whistle March, The Eagles Whistle, Fead An Iolair, Gol Na Mban ‘San Ar, The O’Donovan Clan March.

The Eighteen Moloney by David Power

  1. Gol Na MBan San Ár
  2. Cnocán’ Teampaill