The International reel

Also known as Maguire’s Own.

There are 5 recordings of this tune.

The International has been added to 25 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The International
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
ED||CE ~E2 G2 eg|fedB cBcA|GFEG A2 Gc|
ecAG ECCD|CE ~E2 G2 eg|fedB cBcA|
c2 ~c2 gcgb|ad ~d2 eEED|CEG^G AF ~F2|
EGAc ecAB|c2 ~c2 gcgb|ad ~d2 eEED|
CEGE FEDc|1 Bg^fg ecAB:|2 Bg^fg ec c2||

Six comments

This is on the same sheet of music that the K Burke version of the Congrees is. As for the key - I’m sure its modal but not sure which one so PLEASE correct it if you know. As my abc is in its infancy i couldnt figure a way to show that the correct notation for the combination c2 ~c2. ~c2 can be a one note triplet.

Wow, this a super great & super rare tune, Yeah it’s in C major, nice post

Here I was all excited - hoping for a nice reel setting of the Internationale. Different tune, though… 🙂

Brian Conway plays this tune in a set
International/Martin Wynn’s #1/Martin Wynn’s #2
it’s on the ‘Apple in Winter’ album that he did with Tony DeMarco & Cesar Pacifi, again mighty good tune!!

Maybe Martin used to play this tune as Brian learned quite a bit from him, as far as I can remember the only person out of NY I’ve ever heard play this was Tina Lech (Boston) so maybe it’s one of those NY tunes (Tina learned from many people with close ties to NY) If you ever get the chance to hear Tina Lech play *LISTEN* she’s excellent, and quite nice as well. Come to think of it - this tune has a very Larry Redican feel to it.

Composed in the 1950`s

This tune was jointly composed by Liam Donnelly,a fiddle player and Sean McGuire.

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D major

I’ve come back to this tune after years,

I was playing earlier today & started playing it in D major - makes it more social & it fits well.