All Around The Christmas Tree jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: All Around The Christmas Tree
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
f2 A fed | Bcd cde | f2 A fed | faa afa |
bag a2 f | gfe f2 d | ecA gfe |1 d3 d2 e :|2 d2 c Bcd ||
eAA eAA | dcd Bcd | eAA efg | fed e2 d |
eAA eAA | d2 d cde | faf gfe |1 d2 c Bcd :|2 d2 A def ||
g2 g fgf | e2 A cBA | fef afe | d2 A def |
g2 g fgf | e2 A cBA | fed Adc |1 d2 A def :|2 d3 d2 e ||

Nine comments

A composition of mine. Composed this one while fiddlin’ in the living room where my Christmas tree is. Every year now, when I find the time, I usually end up sitting in my rocking chair that’s next to the tree and I turn off all the lights aside from the Christmas tree lights and just think. It’s pretty fun and peaceful… I’m a fan B]

As for the title, it’s pretty self-explanatory.. Christmas Day/Eve, everyone opens their presents.. Pictures like woah, blinding flashes, lots o’ food!

Happy New Year!


That’s all we need, you two starting a mutual fan club. Isn’t the eggnog enough of a spur to FV’s madness and mayhem without your laudates Pere? That’s all we need now, a cycle of mutual compositions… 😉

Man, those videos from TinWhistler.


I do like the Chocobo Theme though. It’s c0o0ol. =P


Damn, I’ve contributed to the deliquency of minors… 😉

So now you’re my fans? Cool! ;)
(Ceolachan, you’re making me get a better dictionary)

Singular! ~ 😉

Hey! Very nice tune!