Pick Of The Litter reel

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Pick Of The Litter
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
~B3c dg~g2|bgag bgag|BABc dg~g2|fdcA BdcA|
~B3c dg~g2|bgab g2 ga|bgaf gbag|1 fdcA BdcA:|2 fdcA BG~G2||
B2AG A=F~F2|=FGAB cABA|GABd gdeg|fdcA BdcA|
B2AG A=F~F2|=FGAB c2BA|GABd gdeg|fdcA ~G3z|
B2AG A=F~F2|=FGAB cABA|GABd gdeg|fdcA BdcA|
B2AG A=F~F2|=FGAB c2BA|G3B d3g|fdcA ~G3z||
X: 2
T: Pick Of The Litter
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
G3 A Be e2|gefe gefe|GFGA Be e/e/e|dBAF G2 AF|
GFGA Be e/e/e|gefg e2 ef|gefd egfe|1 dBAF G2:|2 dBAF E2-||
G/G/G FE FD D/D/D|D2 E/F/G A2 GF|1 EFGB e2 Be|dBAF E2-:|
2 E^DEG B^ABe|dB A/G/F E2||

Eleven comments

Pick of the Litter

This is my favorite tune penned about 10 years ago by my friend, Chris Knepper. During that time he would travel around SF and pick through the things that people put out in the street to be collected by the city. It was a continuous event that moved from neighborhood to neighborhood, and people would unwittingly put out valuable antiques along with the junk that was accumulating in their basements. When it came through my neighborhood, Chris would pop in for a tune after he was through, (he plays fiddle,) and he’d show me his latest score. All I can say is it was amazing what people were discarding. Chris would fix these objects up and sell them in used furniture and antique shops. He made a good living doing this.

Anyway, he also enjoyed writing tunes, as do I, and we would play our tunes for each other to get feedback and such. This tune was my favorite from that period. I asked him what he calls it and he shrugged and said he could think of a name. I thought about the street collecting thing that brings him into my neighborhood twice a year and suggested he call it, "Pick of the Litter." He thought that name sucked.

After a little time had gone by I started the tune at a session he and I were both at, and when we finished someone asked where the tune came from. I said that Chris wrote it, and they asked him if he had a name for it. He promptly replied, "It’s the Pick of the Litter."

Sorry, I just read what I wrote. When I said, "I asked him what he calls it and he shrugged and said he could think of a name. " I meant he COULDN’T think of a name. geesh!

Pick Of The Litter

I really like this one; but learning it on the whistle I play the low F’s sharp instead of natural, which IMO works perfectly well.

🙂 = me sympathizing…

If Chris ever heard anyone playing F sharps instead of F naturals there I’m sure he’d start looking for his short sword to commit seppuku. For Chris, that was the point of intrigue of the tune. My understanding is that he likes to write tunes that have some sort of interesting feature that steps slightly outside of the expected, and he also likes 2 or 4 bar second endings on the B-part. This tune met that criteria for Chris, and he worked hard on finding the unique feature that actually works and sounds like it belongs. If you alter those F naturals from what he intended it would be tantamount to ripping the heart out of the tune for him I think.

Forgive me Chris if I have sinned ~

Just to avoid confusion, I was sympathizing with you Button…

However, give this beauty a trial run as G Dorian… For that all F’s & f’s are nat, and the B’s are flat… It just moves that way beatifully…

"Pick of the Litter" ~ if I’m going to sin, I might as well go all the way, eh?

I’d love to be an apprentice for a day to Chris Knepper. The nearest I ever got to that was the bins behind supermarkets and a time when we ended up with a case of salad oil and turned the kitchen of a house on stilts hanging off the side of a cliff ~ into an oil skating rink…with the outside door open and swinging around the outdoor banister… Yes, there is a God, none of us went off the edge and down that cliff face… Anyway, here’s greasing the note down a few steps and going accidental mad with it. I’d love to hear what Chris thinks of this… 😉

Dropping that previous idea down to a boomier key ~
K: E Dorian
|: AF |
G3 A Be e2 | gefe gefe | GFGA Be e/e/e | dBAF G2 AF |
GFGA Be e/e/e | gefg e2 ef | gefd egfe |1 dBAF G2 :|2 dBAF E2- ||
|: EF |
G/G/G FE FD D/D/D | D2 E/F/G A2 GF |1 EFGB e2 Be | dBAF E2- :|
2 E^DEG B^ABe | dB A/G/F E2 ||

I wish, he sounds very much like the sort of character I would get along well with, if infamously… I like the tune, and as he meant for it to be, but doing it in Dorian was a kick too…

Just relized I forgot u ~ ‘beatifully’ above should read, of course, beautifully…

You would enjoy Chris’ music. He’s the sort that can turn any tune into 7/8 rhythm or switch modes at the drop of a hat. Eccentric genius he is. On of the few true improvisers that can take just about any tune on a circuitous journey at will and bring it back again. The difficulty I found in playing with him was my inability to follow or match what he was doing. If only I could be a little more idiot savant.