Daniel’s Dream jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Daniel's Dream
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
cBA BGE|^F2 E ^GAB|A^cc cde|dB^G A3:|
|:c2 B dcA|FAc fed|cBd cAF|EGc e_ed|
c2 B dcA|FAc fed|^ccc cde|dB^G A3:|

Three comments

Daniel’s Dream

Jig composed by Grey Larsen, played by Metamora, on LP issued in 1985… the tune starts in A dorian, but the 2nd part is in natural minor… and both parts end in major.
I hope I wrote it correctly…
It’s very nice to start quite slow, and then play it a bit faster… but not too fast. I like this kind of tune that turns around major and minor, and once I started learning this one, i just couldn’t stop playing it, it has a "start again" feeling tha’s great fun !


I correct : in the accompaniment, the last chord of each part should be Aminor. But the 7th bar of each part is A major, with all the "c" sharp ! so that makes a modal change : A dorian, A major finishing with A harmonic minor for the first part. And for 2nd part : A natural minor for a start, switching to A major and finishing with A harmonic minor. A bit complicated, but so great to play !

Mode again

In fact, if one wanted to be absolutely accurate with the modulation of this tune, we could analyse the first 6 bars of the second part as being in C, with harmony going to F… but as A minor and C are relatives (hope that’s how you say in english…)