Westering Home waltz

Also known as My Own Western Home, Trasna Na dTonnta.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Westering Home
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A3 B A2|A2 F2 A2|d2 d2 e2|f6|g3 f e2|f3 e d2|B2 B3 B|A6|
A3 B A2|A2 F2 A2|d2 d2 e2|f4 g2|a3 f d2|f4 e2|d6|d6|
a3 f d2|d3 e f2|e3 f e2|A6|A2 d2 d2|d3 e f2|g3 f g2|e6|
a3 f d2|d3 e f2|e3 f e2|A4 g2|f3 e d2|f4 e2|d6|d6:|
X: 2
T: Westering Home
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj

Thirteen comments

Westering Home - A well-known Scottish waltz tune.

A nice 3/4, deservedly well-known in Scotland (with little adaptation it can serve as a pipe band tune). I’m surprised it’s not already gone into the database; though not Irish it’s good enough and well-known enough to merit a place here.

Westering home

a nice waltz versio of the Mucking of Geordies byre Nice words too .The original is used to pipe in the haggis on Burns night.Happy new year

Westering Home

And it’s Westering home, and a song in the air,
Light in the eye, and it’s goodbye to care.
Laughter o’ love, and a welcoming there,
Isle of my heart, my own one.

Tell me 0’ lands o’ the Orient gay,
Speak o’ the riches and joys 0’ Cathay;
Eh, but it’s grand to be wakin’ ilk day
To find yourself nearer to Isla.

Chorus: And it’s Westering home etc.

Where are the folk like the folk o’ the west?
Canty, and couthy, and kindly, the best.
There I would hie me and there I would rest
At hame wi’ my ain folk in Isla.

Chorus: And it’s Westering home etc. -

Isla…Islay? Huge peat bogs and whisky mines, if I remember. Never been to that one but I dare say it’s worth a stopover if it’s not belting down and a trillion midges stay their hand.

Westering Home: one or two abc mistakes.

Somewhere in the second part there’s a low A that ought to be a high a, and a high a that ought to be a low A. I’ve altered the abc’s but obviously can’t alter the sheet music or midi.

I don’t think that it’s a Waltz version of The Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre.

It has to be `A man`s a man ` to pipe in the haggis

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Westering home

Of course Black it is “A mans a man” for the haggis on Jan 25. Imust be drinking the wrong stuff. There was a text going around after a recent champions league match. “A Man U is a Man U for a that “!

Across The Waves

This tune is the same as Trasna Na dTonnta, an Irish sailors tune about returning home.

Trasna na dtonnta, dul siar, dul siar.
Slán leis an uaigneas is slán leis an gcéan
Geal é mo chroí agus geal í an ghrian,
Geal bheith ag filleadh go hEirinn.

Chonaic mo dhóthair de thíortha í gcéin
Ór agus airgead, saibhreas an tsaoil.
Éiríonn an chroí ’nam le breacadh gach lae.’s mé ag druidim le duiche mo mhuintire.


Muintir am Iarthair ’s iad cáirde mo chroí
Fáilte is feile beidh romham ar gach taobh.
Ar fhágail an tsaoil ’s é ghuím ar an Rí,
Gur leo sin a chínfear I gcill mé.


English Translation:
Across the Waves


Crossing the waves going west, going west.
Goodbye to the loneliness & bye to the sadness
Bright is my heart and bright is the sun.
Bright to be returning to Ireland.

I saw my fill of unhappy lands.
Gold and silver, a wealthy way of life
The heart arises with the break of each day.
And me approaching the lands of my people.


The western people are friends of my heart.
Welcome & hospitality before me on every side.
Having this life here I pray to the King.
To be stretched out in a churchyard with them.


Westering Home as a jig?

Starting to learn the jig set on track 9 of “Reed Only” by Tim Collins and Brian McNamara which consists of Fasten The Leg In, Westering Home, Tell Her I Am. Their version seems to be based on this waltz transcription, but with quite a few differences. Brian Rooney on “The Godfather” plays a version very similar to Collins and McNamara.

Can anyone shed some light on the jig version? Once learned, I may put it up here as a jig.

“Can anyone shed some light on the jig version? “

I haven’t heard it but it may be “The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre”.

The song was written by Hugh S Roberton, and the part of the tune that goes with the verse was apparently composed by him. The tune to the chorus is also used for the song ‘Bonnie Strathyre’ and is virtually a waltz version of ‘Geordie’s Byre’.
If you go to the following web page and scroll down, you’ll find an account by Roberton’s grandson of a lawsuit that entailed, with Hugh and his publishers against Vera Lynn and her recording company, over a song that Lynn recorded that was based on Westering Home (he seems to confuse verse with chorus):


Worth listing to John Carty perform this waltz - It appears on his album At Complete Ease.