A Jig For Jay jig

Also known as A Jig For Jay Witcher, A Jig For Mr. Witcher, Jay’s, Jay’s Jigg, Jig For Jay.

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Jig For Jay
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:e|f2 f afe|edB AB/c/d|f2 f fed|e3 Ace|
f^ef af=e|edB A2 d|f^ef =edc|dAF D2:|
|:G|F2 F AFD|G2 G BAG|FA/B/c dcd|
[1 cAa gec|F2 A- AFD|G3 BAG|FAd dcd|cAa d2:|
[2 cAa gea|f2 a eca|dBa cAa|B2 a AFa|gec d2||

Three comments

“A Jig for Jay”

This is a tune for an old friend, two, as it was really written with two Witchers in mind and heart. Jay, among other things, including being a musician and a character, makes beautiful harps, all kinds. He makes his home in Houlton, Maine:


They and their hospitality often come to mind, and as the New Year was coming in and I was thinking of the Witchers and their place out in the sticks outside Houlton ~ this tune came to mind, another one I found myself lilting while jigging about the kitchen and preparing hot spiced and spiked punch…

I was hesitant to submit it, as it just seemed so familiar, except for that second ending, then the subject of compositions came up in discussion ~

The following was in part responsible for me adding this today, to swing the percentages on a ‘short’ survey of submissions for the week bridging 2006 & 2007, 2001 & 2002, for comparison. I could have chosen denser periods over the last year of high percentages of the self-composed, like this number…

Discussion: A Polite Reminder…
# Posted on January 4th 2007 by nigelg

“A Jig for Jay Witcher” ~ some other ways with the 2nd ending:

2 c2 a gea | f2 a eca | d2 a cAa | B2 a A2 a | gec d2 ||

2 cAa gea | fda eca | dBa cAa | BGa AFa | gec d2 ||