Mark In The Dark slip jig

Also known as Marc Yn Y Tywyllwch, Wern Uchaf Jig, The Wern Uchaf Jig.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mark In The Dark
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: D |E2 e dBc ded | E2 e dBA GAF |
Ee/f/e dBc d2 F | G2 G GAF GA :|
|: F |E2 B BcB AGF | GDG GDG AA/G/F |
[1 E2 B BcB AB/c/d | e2 B- BdB AG :|
[2 E2 B AB/c/d ezg | zdz BzG- GA ||

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"Mark in the Dark" ~ alias Mark Anderson, alias Dow

Yes folks, I know, I have to do a lot of penance for this one, and not just because it is mine and demented.

The story so far, a load of us poor lost souls have been lured to a ‘cabin’ in the Welsh hills, somewhere about Snowdonia National Park, Cymru/Wales ~ IN THE STICKS… But it doesn’t end there, there’s no running water and no electricity… It has also been howling winds around here and this place is in the right place, not far from the Irish Sea, to feel the full brunt of any gales, and the rain has been horizontal at times.

Ol’ Dow/Mark, the sweet lad, stopped here on his way there and I didn’t notice any rain gear. I just hope that those ‘in charge’ had a good stock of fire wood ready, at least, lanterns of some sort, and maybe a porta-stove for tea? My wonder is, was it one of us with a lovely posh house in Gloucestershire who dreaded the idea of a handful of us lads and lasses showing up on their dorrstep and dirtying their shag pile carpets? So, when they heard there was going to be company, hey, they just happen to have a place in the country ~ "let’s send everyone there!" The solution is made…

Another problem with ‘no running water’ is that usually means a little room out back and the trek to reach it as the beer level rises… So I had this picture of these poor souls making routine forays out to find the outdoor convenience, the loo, and stumbling a bit on the way. Of the lot, the only one we’ve actually met and had enough run-ins to tease or abuse is Dow, alias Mark Anderson, so this tune features his name, but the sentiment and worry is for them all. I’m shaking and needing a p*ss just thinking about it… The poor misguided souls. Can you imagine trying to make that trip across uneven ground well pickled and feeling ill? I’ll be saying my prayers again for them all tonight, but for now, here’s a tune in their honour.

You know Dow, he wouldn’t want just any key signature, and taking it all into account, D Mix-O-Lydian just seems right… πŸ˜‰

"Mark in the Dark" ~ if the crazy way it is first given makes you uneasy:

An alternate ‘straight’ second ending with variations:

2 E2 B ABd e2 g | d2 A B2 G AF ||

Yes, of course, the ‘Mark’ in the title has other possibilities, conotation and denotation… πŸ˜‰

Oops! ~ there are two n’s in connotation… πŸ˜‰

You could, if it suited your temperament better, play c in the A-part, which is there twice, as sharp (^c)…

"Marks in the Dark": history and a matter of keys ~

Nah, I can’t do it, having even left something here for him to correct, as he would enjoy, I can’t let it be, so much so that it is 4:00 a.m. and I woke up in a hot sweat ~ it ain’t D Mix, it is e minor… However, the tune had its first outing in stranger circumstances, beginning as just an A-part and in ab/g# minor the day, Friday, that Dow/Mark left on his journey South and his first ever visit to Cymru/Wales in 29 years of life. Sad, eh? ~ for this Northumbrian lad turned Sydneyite (Ozzification)… Anyway, it couldn’t stay there, all alone and in that key.

Today, Saturday, late, wind howling and the rain lashing and it very dark outside, the B-part just suddenly let itself be known as I was doing the sin-of-sins, yes Jack, lads and lasses, I was noodling ~ worse, it was while watching the tele. However, I did make sure it wasn’t anything with a theme tune or any kind of melody being played, it was "Room 101", a BBC 2 programme about condemning things to the fires of hell… But the key was still too much, too damn many accidentals. As a James Brown special started up it, "Get on Up!", migrated from the heavily accidental (a pun in a key signature) to something less life threatening, first to g minor and then settling down with "Celebrity Big Brother" in the key I’ve given here, e minor (not D Mix, wishful thinking and a bad tease). There’s now only one stubbed toe or a bruise worth, just the one accidental, F#. But why you might ask ~ well, I’m not that cruel, one accidental is sufficient for the situation, and also, I did it out of consideration for Mark’s family, his da in particular and his one-row G melodeon. He might not like the tune enough to want to play it, everything isn’t in the name, but the thought’s what counts, i’n’t it? 😏

Wasn’t he a quiet guy?

Quiet? Are you serious? You just dont know him well enough Slainte - once he knows you he’ll never shut up even for a second!

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PS -nice tune - very funky - Dow’ll probably hate it - he never likes anything coolπŸ™‚

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He’s definitely quiet compared to "ceolachan."

Heh -did you really find him quiet though Slainte? Did you get him drunk or anything??? He is great craic though isnt he!

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I remember he was quieter than you too, Bridie. He might have been jetlagged.

Being quieter than wouldnt be hard. I have a feeling even Phantom is probably quieter than meπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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And Zina is even quieter?

Oooohhh - I dont know -I think we are probably both the same - but she’d probably say that I was louderπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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Quiet? ~ I couldn’t shut him up…

He kept me up till after 4 a.m. yabberin’ away, and a good part of that was telling tales about someone named ‘Birdie’? ‘Birdie’, I mean, if I had a name like that I’d be loud and irrascible and fond of drink and smoke and picking fights with the local talents… πŸ™‚

He was really proud to be a ‘god father’, but try as we could he didn’t seem to quite know what that meant. He did say that it wasn’t a Catholic thing, but he didn’t know what species of religion was involved…

Another concern was slainte, he must have asked half a dozen times what you wrote me about his visit to Tokyo. He must be very insecure?

So, to make things worse, I know a local musician who is the spittin’ image of Jack and took him to a session where we were sure to find this fellow mad man. He drank a lot that night, but maybe that’s his way. He then invited some ‘local talent’ to sit with us ~ not musicians ~ and for the next several hours we were bombarded by someone louder and more voiciferous than us who was adamant that people weren’t killing each other in Africa. Thank the fates that this session, which we listened to from afar, had several wheeled fiddles (vielle-Γ‘-roue / hurdy-gurdy) and a box player. Thank you Mark for our three new friends.

Good news though, for Mark and the gang ~ sunshine this Sunday…

There is one thing that comes to mind here ~ "loose tongues sink ships" ~ Mark was worried about Bridie and me mentioning he was coming this way, that we’d spoiled his fun to do his Bond imitation scoping out sessions…

He’s going to hate this, and it could spoil his standing here on the site ~ he wasn’t loud, but he wasn’t in the least bit shy ~ my wife thought he was sweet… Yeah, I like that, I’d call him ‘sweet’ too. Damn, I never got to see his baseball cap… πŸ˜‰

‘Irascible’, nah, not you Bridie, he only ever spoke your name with a smile and affectionately ~ as he did also when Hiro came into the discussion. Even the Jack look-alike didn’t ruffle his feathers. Maybe that is the quietude about Mark you’re on about Hiro? It is a trick, you let your guard down and the devil in him has the advantage…

The only possible irritation is one aspect of that devil in him, his want to wind people up. For me it was the subject of pirated music, raised several times. My wife asked me after he’d left ~ "Doesn’t he know how you feel about pirated music?" (I lost my job at the local uni over a disagreement there… My adamant refusal to be involved in a case of using pirated music…) My answer ~ "Yes, my dear, he does…" 😏

I generally won’t pester others on that topic, unless pressed, a good number disagreeing voiciferously with me, but it just isn’t for me… You will only get me ranting on that topic if you press to involve me, like asking for copies of things that I have that are readily available, or giving me a gift of pirated music ~ you’ve been warned… My first couple of replies are short, really, short, but if you were to persist ~ isn’t that what a windup is about? I rant enough without that added on…

Note: if Hiro is the measure of quietude, then we all would have a lot of work to do to come anywhere near emulating that… ‘Slainte’, alias Hiro, is a gentleman and as quiet and gentle as a feather’s fall… Wherever we might find ourselves, there will always be a welcome for both Hiro & Mark…

Another place I sometimes find myself taking that last measure:
~ | zdz B2G A2 ||

Sounds like you guys are having fun "But dont listen to Mark becuase he eats his own scabs"πŸ™‚

Anyhow - I’m sure he was exaggerating -I never get into fights or anything.

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He did somehow leave me with an unnatural fear of you… πŸ˜‰

He eats his own scabs? ~ EUWCH!!!

That’s the last time I kiss him on the lips…

Is the weather in Wales always bloody awful? From my limited experience and going by other people’s accounts, you have to be crossed with a newt to live there.

That is probably one of the reasons for the high amount of Welsh immigrants…….But I find Ireland just as bad weather wise. Having said that I am from an area that has just entered its 15th year of a really bad drough - so any rain kinda freaks me outπŸ™‚

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Ceolachan - No - dont worry, I am very nice. I promiseπŸ™‚

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Poor Mark / Dow was ill prepared for anything other than Oz. He appeared frozen when he arrived and we’re having an unseasonably warm time. There are flowers in bloom already, bulbs and bushes. But, the weekend, except for today, was as I’d said earlier. The poor lad. We wondered if he’d ever had to put his ass down on the ring of an outhouse in Winter before. I bet his berries will have disappeared for a week… I’m in pain just thinking about it…

Normally, around this time, I remember us having snow, but not this year. Here in Lancashire we’ve only had one frost, just one morning with ice on the windows.

I believe you Bridie, after all, anyone that can put up with Mark’s scab sucking and still call him a friend can’t be as bad as he makes you out to be… πŸ˜‰

Its funny - because he is English - how can he not be prepared for the cold for goodness sakes - he lived there most of his life - and he just complains the whole time about the heat hereπŸ™‚

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bb, he is a Northumbrian. Northumberland can be cold, but it is spared undue humidity; not being "warmed by the Gulf Stream" (ho, ho!), it is not slammed into by an endless succession of rain storms; if and when it warms up, it does not get hot and sticky, like, say, the English Midlands. If the Sydney weather is like the latter, or maybe more so, it would probably turn anyone from NE England into a "whingeing Pom", at any rate now and again.

Bridie, his ma kept him indoors…

WHAT?!!? ~ YOU FORGOT TO CAPITALIZE TO INCREAS THE EFFECT OFRUNNINGALLTHELETTERSTOGETHER ~ which also makes it moire to the eyes, my eyes anyway ~ making it harder to read…

‘what?!!?’ ~ I love chopping wood, even if it dislocates my wrists, which gives me a reason for hanging around. I wish I’d been there to at least contribute to the warmth that way, for Mark’s sake… Did he distrubute the sweets we sent down with him or did he keep them for himself? We did consider making gorp, but already had some things packaged up and hanging around the place.

I have no doubt that the greatest craic there was nothing to do with the walls, roof or surrounding countryside…

~ & nicholas too… πŸ˜‰

I’d have had a purpose ~ general cook and bottle washer… Hey, I thought you said there was no running water. To us a stream outside the house is a luxury ~ definitely running water.

My worse trait ~ I wake up early and jolly ~ irritatingly jolly and in a trickster mood… You were spared that. Of course, I could have walked it off in the countryside, out of respect of those who hate an early morning tease… πŸ˜‰ While I might be bold enough to invite another, ‘spoon’ in this case, the result of my own confused brain ~ I’d never invite myself…

There aren’t many folks that could tempt me out of my cave in the hills, but you’ve a chance… Don’t let me fool you, I’m really shy, but my passion for music and dance has a way of getting past the ‘reserve’… (Is that laughter I hear?) 😏

This almost ended up named for your place in Cymru, but I thought that would be giving too much away…

"Marc Yn Y Tywyllwch"

When I’m in a particularly mad mood, as I have been of late, I sometimes fermata that last G, hold it, and then do the AD or AFD before starting the tune up again…

It doesnt matter what part of England you are from, even your heat waves dont compare to a summer here - and Sydney is one of the cooler climates! Up in the 30’s is normal for sydney and It got to 41 degs celcius the day before yesterday in some parts…..ugh. Last year (I was away thank god) it almost reached 45degs celcius - and as I said before - we are the mild city (apart from Tasmania)

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That equals the temperatures in Thessaly, the hottest part of Greece, which are considerable. But the bearability of hot temperatures depends (IMO) on whether they are dry, or sticky-humid. Which is Sydney?

(Much of Greece, the hottest place where I’ve spent time, has dry heat and/or wind off the sea, making it very bearable.)

I like this, the tune already has multiple names and in two languages…

What I don’t like about weather here is the damp, cold damp. Give me below freezing anyday. We both much prefer snow, and with the only experience there I’m also very fond of forests and tropical jungles and reefs, all wet places. We like the Canadian Maritimes, except for all the species of biting and blood sucking bugs ~ Newfoundland, the islands of Cape Breton, Prince Edward, Iles de la Madeleine ~ Quebec, Labrador ~ or ~ I fancy Queensland or Tasmania, but we’ve never been to either… We have this bad habit. We don’t travel well. We go someplace for a vacation and end up staying… 😏


You may know better than that, we definitely do… It’s just a different species of grass, and sometimes that isn’t even the case ~ the damned suburbs and those bags of grass seed folks use to sanatize their bit of the planet… Get out your weed and seed and we’ll start a revolution to turn the whole damn planet into a golf green… And hey, wouldn’t you know it, I’m allergic to the stuff, certain species of it… After all, it is the largest of the plant phylums isn’t it? ~ or damn near it…

Very muggy - we get alot of big electrical storms that cool the days down - Ive never come across storms as bad as ours except at the Catskills festival in NY.
Alot of the other cities in Oz are way hotter but places like Melbourne, Adelaide and perth are much drier - I find that more bearable as well. Brisbane and Darwin however are much hotter and much more muggy and tropical than sydney and that have cyclones - not just electrical storms!

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Hey Ceolachan - did I tell you my husband is from Newfoundland and we lived there for a year - that was bloody cold - but also very wet. We’d have a big dump of snow then it would rain and rain and you’d be walking around in knee high slush…brrrr

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I loved Newfoundland, and miss it… I got my first specs in St. John’s… I dreamed of returning to go to university there, but it didn’t happen…

"Corsydd Lleidiog Crawcwellt" / "The Mucky Bogs Of Crawcwellt" ~ hornpipe

Key signature: G Major
Submitted on January 26th 2007 by ceolachan.

& the story continues… I don’t know who came up with the name, but it deserved a melody of its own… This gathering has been inspirational, even if I missed it…

It was epic. And has given me warm memories (even if nothing else was really warm) to hug close the rest of my life. And I liked you gave Mark a mulberry tree to take home. πŸ™‚

Who loves you Zina? ~ loads of folks, me included… πŸ˜‰

*smooch* Mark told us he couldn’t reveal your name or anything really about you, but we tried to pry it out of him anyway, which was at least amusing because we could watch him squirm. You really must come next time. And bring that chocolate cake. πŸ™‚

I thought Mark was the squirmy sort anyway….

I enjoyed the gathering pix, especially the sodden beards and rather relaxed postures of certain players….

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LOL — "relaxed"… LOL

Hey ‘c’ I just found this - can’t understand how I missed it! Thanks for the tune. Bridie was right though - I’ll take it without the crazy syncopated ending - you know what I’m like with crazy synocpated endings. You’ll have done that deliberately of course, ‘c’, did you not? πŸ™‚

Beebs, missing you and Cors and Cian lots. Will see you very soon. Can’t wait to take you out on the p*ss when I get back. I’m gonna get you so wrecked it’s just not even going to be funny. I’ve been very reserved about doing that over here in case I give out a bad impression to people off the session, hehe. Zeens is great isn’t she. She keeps being all huggy and kissy all the time, aaahh. But we had to part in Edinburgh. Miss you already Zeens!

Aw — same here, Dowsie. I’ve been squirreling away all charges on my mileage card, hoping to earn enough miles to get to Sydney soon… πŸ™‚ In London they call me a "lovey" — which is not a compliment — but I don’t care. Life’s too short not to hug and kiss the people you love!

"making routine forays out to find the outdoor convenience, the loo, and stumbling a bit on the way"

Nah - we just did it straight out the front door.

Sorry, was that more info than you needed. Suffice to say, the weather as such that there was no fear of a lingering stench in the morning.

You patted them upside the house to dry so that they’d be there for the fire next year…

Alternative peat…

Next weekend? C’mon…!

~ 2 E2 B AB/c/d e2 g- | g d2 B2 G- GA |]

~ another way to write and read that syncopated second ending…