Peeler Creek mazurka

Also known as Joe Ryan’s, Peeler’s Creek.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Peeler Creek
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|:G3 A B>c|d2 B2 G2|A>B A>G E2|G>A G>E D>E|
G2 G>A B>c|d2 B2 G>B|A>B A>G E>F|1 G4 (3DEF:|2 G4 (3Bcd||
|:e2 e>f g>f|e2 d2 (3Bcd|e2 e>f g>a|b2 a2 g>f|
e2 e>f g>f|e>f e>d B>G|A>B A>G E>F|1 G4 (3Bcd:|2 G4G2||

Seven comments

Peeler Creek

I heard this one on an album called “Fieldvole Music”, showcasing the melodeon and vocal talents of Norfolk musicianTony Hall. The word “Creek” suggests an American or Australian link somewhere in the tune’s history. I don’t know where waltzes end and mazurkas begin, but rhythm-wise this one seems more like the mazurkas I’ve heard than like the waltzes, at any rate the ITM-and-related ones, so I’m including it as a mazurka. (It should not be difficult to disinclude it if need arose, and call it a waltz..)

Peeler Creek

It’s one of a set of mazurkas played by Joe Ryan on his album “An Buachaill Dreoite”, so I think I’ve got the mazurka bit right. Regarding its provenance, I suppose it could yet be a product of the Ould Sod - “Creek” being a sea inlet, “Peeler” being either a policeman or a crab at the moulting stage, a succulent bait sought after by sea anglers, and Ireland not being lacking in any of these. But someone out there may know for definite.

Peeler Creek

This is a good tune.

Kenny Hall in California uses the following words in Part A

“Oh, feed your babies onions so you can find them in the garden after dark,

feed your babies onions so you can find them in the dark“

One I don’t know, thanks nicholas, I’ll set some time aside to get familiar with it. I like the lyrics too, but I would have thought it was “Oh, feed your babies beans ~ “… 😉

Nice as a slow waltz

I love playing this tune slowly and letting the second part drift along. There’s some magic in the change from G major to Em that evokes a soothing and reflective mood … well, it works for me, anyhow!

Peeler’s Creek as a waltz

Líadan plays this tune as a waltz together with Tommy Peoples’s reel on
Amhránaíocht Agus Ceol Traidisiúnta - Traditional Irish Music And Song

X: 2
T: Peeler’s Creek
Z: DavieD
S: Líadan
R: Waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|:G3 A Bc|d2 B2 (3BAG|GA AG ED|GA GF (3DEF|G3 A Bc|d2 B2 (3BAG|GA AG ED|1 G4 (3DEF:|2 G4 (3Bcd||
|:e2 ef gf|(3efg ed Bd|e2 ef ga|ab ab gf|e2 ef gf|(3efg ed (3BAG|GA AG ED|1 G4 (3Bcd:|2 G4-G2||

Re: Peeler Creek

Recorded by Gatehouse as Joe Ryan’s Mazurka.