Johnny Harling’s reel

By Liz Carroll

Also known as Johnny Harley’s, Liz Carroll’s.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Johnny Harling's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DE|:FA (3ABA dFAd|Jf2af edcd|BE (3edB ABde|{de}dBAF EDB,E|
FA (3BAF AFEF|DB,GA BAdb|{ab}afed (3Bcd Af|1 afea fddA|2 afea fdd||
e|Jf2Bc dfbf|aA (3cBA dBcA|bB (3dcB FBd^G|Acac ~B3c|
dFAd Jf2aA|DB,GA (3Bcd bf|afed (3Bcd Af|afea fdd:|
X: 2
T: Johnny Harling's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|~F3 A dFAd|efaf edcd|~B3 B Bcde|dBAF EDB,D|
FA ~A2 AFEF|DB,DG Bdgb|afed ~B2 Aa|afeg fed:|
|:e|fB ~B2 Bfbf|aA ~A2 dBcA|fB ~B2 FB ~B2|Aaec ~B3 c|
dFAd efaz|DB,DG Bdgb|afed ~B3 Aa|afeg fed:|
X: 3
T: Johnny Harling's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A|FA A/A/A dA (3Bcd|efaf edBA|B2 dB Aede|dBAF EFDA|
FA A/A/A AFEF|DBBA Bfbf|afed (3Bcd gB|Afeg fd d:|
f|(3agf Bc dfBf|A2 AB (3dcB cB|fB B/A/B AB B/A/B|Acgc B2 Bc|
dfcd efaf|dG G/F/G dgbg|afed (3Bcd gb|afeg fd d:|

Six comments

Johnny Harling’s

Composed by Liz Carroll. This is a transcription of her playing, from her album "A Friend Indeed", Track 5.

The title "Johnny Harling’s" was previously linked to the tune "Dusty Windowsills" as an alternate title. This setting here is a different tune entirely — though, presumably, named by Liz Carroll in honor of the same Johnny Harling of Chicago who is credited with composing "Dusty Windowsills", and whose daughter contributed some very interesting comments to that tune listing!

Johnny Harling’s

Note: The "Johnny Harling’s" on Joanie Madden’s album "A Whistle on the Wind", Track 6, which is linked from this tune is a different tune yet. It’s "With Ourselves", also composed by Johnny Harling, and also named for him as an alternate title. "With Ourselves" is listed separately in the tune database.

Re: Please help name this tune! Please!
# Posted on January 14th 2007 by proinsiasrua

& further down the thread:

The tune is "Johnny Harling’s", composed by Liz Carroll, from her album "A Friend Indeed", Track 5.

Unfortunately, if you look up "Johnny Harling’s" here, you get "Dusty Windowsills". Maybe I’ll sit down later and transribe the Liz Carrol setting. Meanwhile, here’s a transcription of the setting on your esnips recording. Enjoy!

T: Johnny Harling’s
C: Liz Carroll
R: Reel
S: enips from proinsiasrua
D: Liz Carroll: A Friend Indeed [05] - Johnny Harlings, Marty Fahey’s
M: C|
K: D Major
|: A |
~F3 A dFAd | efaf edcd | ~B3 B Bcde | dBAF EDB,D |
FA ~A2 AFEF | DB,DG Bdgb | afed ~B2 Aa | afeg fed :|
|: e |
fB ~B2 Bfbf | aA ~A2 dBcA | fB ~B2 FB ~B2 | Aaec ~B3 c |
dFAd efaz | DB,DG Bdgb | afed ~B3 Aa | afeg fed :|

# Posted on January 15th 2007 by MTGuru

Hey MTG, what’s a ‘J’ in ABC parlance? That’s a new one on me:

|: e | J f2 Bc dfbf | ~ & dFAd J f2 aA | ~ 😏

Johnny Harling’s

Ah, right. The J is an upward slide. Usually rendered as a short, rising line curving up to the note. It’s part of the ABC 2.0 standard as +slide+, and assigned to J in abcm2ps 3.6.2 and later. But I guess it’s not implemented here. Oh well. On those f#s on the recording, Liz grabs either an e or f natural then slides slowly up to the f#. In fact, on those e-f# slides, it sounds like she’s sliding on the second string, but I’m no fiddle expert …

Oh, and thanks ceolachan for reposting my other transcription. I meant to do that! I like proinsasrua’s esnips setting a lot. It’s less fussy than the original.

Johnny Harling’s

X:4 above is from the 1992 Afterhours album ‘Hung Up and Dry’, where it’s called "Liz Carrols" (sic).