Con Cassidy’s jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Con Cassidy's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
e3 fec|eaf ecA|~c2 a eca|ecA Bcd|
e^de fec|eaf ecA|c=de Bcd|1 cAG Acd:|2 cAG A2 E||
Ace aga|eca ecA|~c2 a eca|ecA B2 E|
Ace ~a3|eca ecA|cde Bcd|cAG A2 E:|

Eight comments

Nice tune, from Altan’s “Runaway Sunday”. Played as a set with Australian Waters/Con Cassidy’s (A Maj.)/Con Cassidy’s (A Dorian).

Usually hear the last bar of the second part as

ced ^def

to get back into the first part.


Why Con Cassidy’s?

Where did you get the idea that it’s called Con Cassidy’s errik?
I don’t know why but I’m unhappy with that designation. There is another, far better known jig already bears that name and internet searches and other research has only thrown up that other jig. I’m aware of how the issue of tunes’ names is a sea of shiftiing sands, owing as much to forgetfulness (or malevolence) on the part those who tell the names of the tunes they play as it does to the fancy of the first player who names a tune. I’ll just say it’s a hunch there’s another name out there somewhere. The tune is probably from Donegal originally and maybe only got its first airing outside those hills through Altan’s album.

So, have you got another title for this jig?

Why not ?

Errik got it from “Altan”, as he says above. If you’re unhappy with that, I suggest you ask “Altan”. I know 2 jigs named after Con Cassidy better known than this one. Why should he only have 1 tune associated with his name? Maybe he composed it ?

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i transcibed this jig from bootleg recordings of f. kennedy,m.mooney and d. sproule at plough and stars in san francisco, 1984?
they play this jig second in the set.first jig in set was munster lass.
just now i tried to find proper name for my transcription on the and found it here. great!

Why is this called Con Cassidy’s?

Because Altan ruddy well learnt it from him, ja?

Who cares what a tune is called as long as you can play it well.