Three recordings of a tune named
O Cabalo Azul

Also known as The Blue Horse Muiñeira, The Blue Horse Muñeira, The Blue Horse, Galician Muiñeira, Muiñeira Da Ponte De San Paio, Muiñeira De Pontesampaio, Muiñeira Do Cabalo Azul, Muineira O Cabalo Azul, Muiñeiras De Cabalo Azul, Muñeira De Cabalo Azul, Muñeira Do Cabalo Azul, Muneira O Cabalo Azul.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Behind The Bush In The Garden.

  1. Happy Hours by Andy May
  2. Os Amores Libres by Carlos Núñez
  3. Third Flight Home by Simon Thoumire And David Milligan