Marche Nuptiale From Berry slide

Also known as Marche De Mariage En Berry, Marche Nuptiale, Marriage March From Berry, Marriage March III.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Marche Nuptiale From Berry
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGB d2e d2c A3|DFA c2c cBA B2G|
DGB d2e d2c A3|DFA DFA cBA G3:|

Ten comments

A French bourree, I think, off a Blowzabella album.

As above; I’m certain it’s French and I think it’s a bourree. I heard this at the end of the 80s on an album (forget which) by Blowzabella, a band that pioneered the revival on the English scene of outlandish North European bagpipes with eye-poking drones that make a session look like something by Breughel. Blowzabella were, or still are, a very good band. Their major instruments were bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and melodeon.

Gan Ainm Bourrée

Interesting that this is described as a “bourrée”, rather than as a slide, which it seems closer to. The bourrées I know by J S Bach (e.g. in his cello suites) are in 2/2 time, and are fairly close to reels in their feel when playing them. Is there another type of bourrée in 12/8 time?

Maybe it’s not a bourree and I’ve got that wrong; I am, though, certain it’s French.

Actually wedding march

Its in the first Blowzabella tunebook as Marriage March 3, the pink Massif Central tunebook has it as March Nuptiale from Berry. The seminal 1979 recording ‘Vielleux du Bourbonnais’ has it as #3 of the ‘trois marches de mariage en Berry’
It is a 6/8 march, but definately works as an english style jig.
French style bourrees can be in either 2/4 ( 2 time bourree) or in 3/8 ( 3 times bourree)

You beat me to it thorsdog…

“The Massif Central Tune Book No. 1” (pink)

Compiled by Mel Stevens
Dragonfly Music (Matt Seattle), 1987

Tune #120: “Marche Nuptiale” (Berry)

“Encyclopaedia Blowzabellica: The Blowzabella Tune and Dance Book”

Compiled by the then members of Blowzabella: Dave Armitage, Nigel Eaton, Paul James, Ian Luff, Dave Roberts, Dave Shepherd, Cliff Stapleton & Jon Swayne
Dragonfly Music (Matt Seattle), 1987

Page 10: “Marriage March III”

“Marche Nuptiale” / “Marriage March”

M: 12/8
L: 1/8
R: march
K: G Major
|: E |
DG/A/B D2 B BAG A2 F | D>FA cAF DEF G2 :|
|: E |
DGB d2 ^c d2 =c A3 | DE/F/A cBB c2 d B2 G |
DGB d^cd d=cB A3 | DFA c2 A DEF G2 :|

Bourées ~ duple & treble ~

~ à deux temps = 2/4
~ à trios temps = 3/8

reiteration ~ 😏

& a high recommendation ~ “Bulleit Bourbon” ~ mmmmm!!! 🙂

Tralala Tsouin tsouin!

is there anything can redeem that sort of tune? (Romantique novelist George Sand wrote of the Berry region’s musical style that it was to heavy or square, she might have been right!) Try in Gmin (with f# and eb) / starting from second or third quaver?