Campbell River jig

Also known as The Campbell River.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: Campbell River
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:B2 c|d3 cBc|BFE DD/E/F|DFA B>cd|cA^G A2 c|
dfd cec|B>FE D2 F|BB/c/d cB^A|B3:|
|:FBc|d2 F BB/c/d|ecA AA/B/c|dcd B>cd|e3 cde|
fed BFE|DF/E/D DEF|B>cd cB^A|B3:|
X: 2
T: Campbell River
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:c|d2 d c2 c|BFE DB,C|D<EF Bcd|cA/A/A A2 c|
dcd cBc|BFE DEF|B2 d cAc|1 B3- B2:|2 B3- B||
|:Bc|dcd B2 d|e2 c ABc|d2 d BB/c/d|e>AB cde|
f>ed B2 F|DB,C D3|BB/c/d c2 ^A|1 B3- B:|2 B2 F B2||
X: 3
T: Campbell River
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:c|dcd c^Bc|BFE DFE|DD/E/F Bcd|cA^G A2 B/c/|
d3 cdc|BFE DEF|BB/c/d cAc|B3- B2:|
|:c|dcd B^AB|e^de AA/B/c|d2 d Bcd|e3 cde|
fed BFE|D2 F/E/ DEF|Bcd cA/B/c|B3- B2:|
X: 4
T: Campbell River
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:c|d2d c2c|BFE DB,C|DEF Bcd|c2A ABc|
dcd cBc|BFE DEF|Bcd cAc|B3 B2:|
|:c|dcd BAB|ede ABc|dcd Bcd|e3 cde|
fed BFE|DB,C DEF|Bcd cAc|B3 B2:|

Eight comments

“Campbell River Jig” ~ Dean Kenty

Campbell River ~ town and river and Vancouver Island, are beautiful, a favourite place of ours and also of Dean Kenty’s. We’d thought about planning a trip, to spend some camp time in the Pacific Rim National Park or Strathcona Park, maybe sea kayak the Islands between Campbell River and the mainland, and northward ~ with music or course, and maybe even catch a session or two or some dancing while we were there, barbecue a salmon or two… The folks on the island, musicians and dancers included, are a warm and friendly lot. We also love wild salmon, and the place is famous for it, several species…and steelhead…and famed for smoking it too…

There were other things we talked about, other places, often wilderness areas in what some of us affectionately refer to as “The Pacific Northwest”, for us this includes Alaska, British Columbia, the Yukon, the states of Washington, Oregon, Northern California and throwing in Idaho and Montana for good measure. There were a few rivers in Canada that tempted our dreams of escape and my inflated hopes were to sea kayak around the Queen Charlotte Islands, further north. I only ever got as far up the coast as Prince Rupert, but not by kayak… I still haven’t had that experience, sea kayaking. We shared that, a love for nature and the outdoors ~ wild places, wilderness… We also shared a love for music and dance, and chat…

Dean was in his element, hiking ‘The Mount Hood Forest’, a large beautiful part of Northern Oregon, east of Portland, along the Columbia River and stretching up to the peak of the mountain and beyond, when he slipped and fell to his death. It was a favourite spot, full of wildlife and beauty and many places to get away to and have time alone, be inspired, with just nature rustling around you, a love shared.

Our last meeting was hours worth, but not realizing it, we didn’t end until very early the next morning. I have this vague memory of light, sunrise?, my wife was in bed fast asleep when we parted and I wished him safe journey. Amongst the tunes we played and shared that time was this jig, “Campbell River”, his composition. But that long night was more talk than music. Yeah, we got in quite a bit of music, but mostly we talked. As Joan said before retiring, “I’m too tired to think.” We were getting deeply philosophical, and while she’s O.K. for such things in the morning and afternoon, it just won’t happen after around 9 p.m…

Dean is a good memory in my mind and our lives. He was a sweet man, hospitable and welcoming. We never did those trips, but if he were still here we might be living elsewhere and we would have done some of those trips we’d dreamed about and we would have shared a lot more music, laughter, and concerns. Dean was honest, open, and caring. It has taken me awhile to consider submitting this, somehow difficult. Considering writing something about its author that would do him some credit, I miss him. He was kind and sweet and good, and there was never a hint of bullsh*t about him… He was a pleasure to share time with…music present or not…

“The Campbell River Jig” ~ by Dean Kenty

Some other ways:
A-part ~
|: c |
d2 d c2 c | BFE DB,C | D<EF Bcd |cA/A/A A2 c |
dcd cBc | BFE DEF | B2 d cAc |1 B3- B2 :|2 B3- B ||
B-part ~
|: Bc |
dcd B2 d | e2 c ABc | d2 d BB/c/d | e>AB cde |
f>ed B2 F | DB,C D3 | BB/c/d c2 ^A |1 B3- B :|2 B2 F B2 :|

“The Portland Collection: Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest”
(#1 of 2 ~ & recommended *****)
Compiled and edited by Susan Songer & Clyde Curley
Portland, Oregon, 1997
ISBN: 0-9657476-0-3

Page 54“ “The Campbell River Jig”
Page 228: notes for the tune (Well done ~ commendable!)
& CD featuring this tune ~

Another ABC transcript with chords ~ I think this may be a direct rip-off from the above collections(?), minus the valued notes:

‘Dow’ / Mark’s visit had me getting familiar with this tune again…

Forgot to say, while Dean’s tune will dip down to B,, we were messing around with it on D whistles way back when, so for the main transcript I’ve given a version in memory of that, going no lower than D…

campbell river

A little gem - having just returned from Vancouver Island and from making music in Victoria BC, it touched me in a special way. Sounds good, played slowly almost haunting, on the concertina.

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