Coffee jig

Also known as The Coffee.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Coffee
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:"Am"EAA GAA | cBA eAA | EAA GAA | "Em"cBA ABA |
"Am"EAA GAA | cBA eAA | "F"cBA "Em"ABA | GED "Am"A3 :|
|:"Am"[E2A,2][AC] EGA | "(F)" cBA GED | "Am (D)"[E2A,2][AC] EGA | "(F)"cBA A3 |
"Am"[E2A,2][AC] EGA | "G"d2 c- "Am"cAG | "G"d2 c- "Am"cAG | "Em"EDE "Am"A3 :|

Four comments


This tune is one Ive decided to learn because they play it in a Wichita KS session where I go sometimes for music… and it comes from- Gary Haggerty(he wrote it) —- The Portland Collection
And the ABC’s I got from JC’s tune finder.

I know very little about the Northwest music scene, Gary Haggerty and the Portland Collection.

I have a half uncle in the Northwest and a good friend in Washington, but its one of the areas of the US I haven’t visited…. That will have to change. There is/was a band there in Washington who recorded one of my tunes… so Ill have to post that one.

From Ceolas Fiddler

COFFEE. American, Jig. A Dorian. Standard. AABB. Composed by Gary Haggerty of Lopez Island, Washington, who ran a music store in Portland, Oregon. Source for notated version: Dan Compton (Portland, Oregon) [Songer]. Songer (Portland Collection), 1997; pg. 52.

Nice. There are plenty of tunes about tea (The Cup of Tea, When Sick is it Tea You Want?, Tay in the Bog, My Darjeeling Asleep…) but not many about coffee.