B B Per Sempre reel

Also known as B. B. Per Sempre.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: B B Per Sempre
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:^g/az/eA cABG|EA^GB A=GED|EEAB cdec|dgfd ~g3^g
azeA cABG|EA^GB A=GED|EEAB cdeg|1 edBG ~a3z:|2 edBG ~A3z||
|:EABc ~c2Bc|dgfd ggfg|gaab c'zac'|bagb ~a3b
c'zba agga|~g3a gedg|edcA BAGB|AGEG GAAz:|
X: 2
T: B B Per Sempre
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:^gaeA cABG|EA^GB A=GED|E2 AB cdec|dgfd ~g3 ^g|
a2 eA cABG|EA^GB A=GED|E2 AB cdeg|1 edBG A ~a3:|2 edBG ~A3- A||
EAB ~c- c2 Bc|dg f/e/d ~g2 fg|g ~a2 b c'2 ac'|bagb ~a3 b|
c'2 ba a ~g2 a|~g3 a gedg|edcA BAGB|AGEG ~A3- A||

Eight comments

Seamus O’Shanaghans

I learned that tune jan 2007 from Cian Album, the Rolling Waves. I transcribed it from ear, so I hope it’s OK.
Whatever the weather, quipgauïn.

Fixed the some G’s in the ABC… : new gif wanted.

I got the "becare" sign explained to me. I fixed accordingly some G’s in the ABC from G to =G. We could get the gif regenerated.


Et voila ! Last pass on the ABC…

Et voila ! Last pass on the ABC. I have included suggestions and learned things from ceolachan post and link. It’s getting close enough to what I imagine is the spirit of the tune.

A suggestion from

Here is an other writting suggested by user "ceolachan" ( https://thesession.org/members/11705 )

|: ^gaeA cABG | EA^GB A=GED | E2 AB cdec | dgfd ~g3 ^g |
a2 eA cABG | EA^GB A=GED | E2 AB cdeg |1 edBG A ~a3 :|2 edBG ~A3- A ||
EAB ~c- c2 Bc | dg f/e/d ~g2 fg | g ~a2 b c’2 ac’ | bagb ~a3 b |
c’2 ba a ~g2 a | ~g3 a gedg | edcA BAGB | AGEG ~A3- A ||

Nice, cheers.

Hey, proxy! ~ 🙂

Come on, instead of "Hey, Presto!" 🙁

Known composer for this tune ?

Any one knows a composer for that tune ? Is it a modern composition ? Regards.

Re: Seamus O’Shanaghans

Sleeve notes - "B.B. Per Sempre" Composed by B.[Brian] Duke. Copyright & Publishing Cian Music Ltd/IMRO.
Only take 13 years - we never sleep 🙂

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