The Joy Of Caitlin Brennan jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Joy Of Caitlin Brennan
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B |: EAe dcA | B3 cBA | e3 ged | cdB A3 |
EAe dcA | B3 cBA | g3 age |1 dcB ABG :|2 dcB A3 ||
|: cde g3 | gea ged | cde g3 | eag a3 |
cde g3 | gea ged | e3 ged | cdB A3 :|
|: EAc BAG | E3 DEG | EAc dBG | EAG A3 |
EAc BAG | E3 DEG | e3 ged | cdB A3 :|
|:e3 cde | g3 age | a3 bag | eag a2g |
e3 cde | gea ged | e3 ged | cdB A3 :|
|:ecA EAc | dBG GBd | eBe g3 | a3 ged |
ecA EAc | dBG GBd | e3 ged | cdB A3 :|
|:eAe cBA | dBd BAG | eAe g3 | a3 bag |
eAe cBA | dBd BAG | g3 age | cdB A3 :|
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The Joy Of Caitlin Brennan

I wrote this tune for my daughter Caitlin not long after she was born. I still believe having children is the most amazing experience one can have in one’s life. Caity is now 16 and it is hard to know where all those years have gone so fast. I think this tune sounds best played in that slower Clare style. Hope you like it.

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Just played this through, and I sincerely like it. Most excellent.
thank you for sharing!


Thankyou for your positive feedback Jane.

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Great tune Jack.

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Hi, Jack -
have you by chance recorded this tune? I love to play it slowly (I’ve been addicted to it ever since I found it out here), and I would really like to hear you play it. Any ornamentation, for example?
If you do have it in a format that Media Player can play, and if you’re willing to share, please send it to me at It’s just for me - so I can play along.
And how about that CD you mention in your intro? Would this tune be on it?

good tune Jack!

i don’t comment on many tunes, but i like the balance ‘tween trad and contemp on this little melody

i also like the extra parts

so Jack, Caitlin must be 24 by now, how the time does fly