Seamus Egan’s reel

Also known as Egan’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Seamus Egan's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d2 fd BAFA|Bdeg f3 e|d2 fd BAFA|EAGE FDDA|
defd BAFA|Bdeg f3 e|d2 fd BAFA|EAGE FD D2|
d2 fd Adfd|(3cBA eA (3AAA eA|defg a3 f|gfeg f3 e|
d2 fd Adfd|(3cBA eA (3cBA ec|defd efge|f2 af d4|
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Seamus Egan’s

I thought I’d posted this already, but maybe not. I was reminded of this while listening to Brian Finnegan’s 1st recording, after someone asked me to post some of the tunes on it. Brian calls it “Egan’s”, but the link takes you to “John Egan’s” polka.
Some years ago, “Ptarmigan” and I used to play with a bouzouki-player called Mark Green. Mark had a video recording of a young Seamus Egan playing this reel on RTE and I got a cassette tape copy of his playing on the programme. I presume that’s where Brian got it as well, and that’s why he called it “Egan’s” [ I could be completely wrong in this, but it seems logical ]. This is more Brian’s version, than Seamus’s, although Brian plays it “double” but I think Seamus played it “single”. Malcolm Reavell did transcribe Seamus’s version for me , but found it quite difficult because of Seamus’s “pyro-technical rolls”[ unquote ].
[ Brian follows it with “The Ivy Leaf”, for some reason known only to himself, it is called “The Extremity” on the sleeve-notes. ]

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