Carthy’s March hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Carthy's March
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3DEF|G2 G2 G2 DE|=F2 E=F DCB,C|DG G2 G2 AB|
c2 Bc A2 (3ABc|d2 d2 d2 ed|c2 (3BcB AFDE|=F2 (3E=FE DCB,C|
D2 GA B2 (3 cBA|G2D2 C2 B,G,|1 A,2 A,2 A,2:|2 A,2 A,2 A,2 (3efg||
a2 a2 a4|g2 ef g4|a2 fe d2 ef|g2 g2 g4|
f2 fe d^cAG|A2 A2 A4|f2 fe d^cAG|A2 eAfA gA|
a2 a2 a4|g2 ef g4|a2 fe d2 ef|g2g2g4|
=f2 =fe dcAG|A_BAG A4|fed^c AGA^c|d2 d2 d2||

Three comments

Composed by Dave Swarbrick for Martin Carthy.I’m not sure about the key because of the modulations but it sounds ok.It’s a march really.

Carthy & Swarb

This is a killer tune —- I play a bit of flute but after 30 yrs of that thought I’d try my hand at fiddle (haha) and I’m having a blasht with this; I think Swarb is a grossly underestimated fiddler. His electric stuff w/FC etc. is good of course but it’s his acoustic tone that knocks me out and I find myself drawn again to all that lovely stuff he did with Mr.Carthy back in the day. I haven’t been able to get this tune out of my head for two weeks now, and was (expletive?) delighted to see it posted here.

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Carthy’s March

Great tune! This is one that really epitomizes the Swarbrick fiddle sound. I do this on mandolin, and beef it up with Carthyesque chord accents under the melody. Try to get as close to his fiddle phrasing and ornamentation as possible.