The Kilcloon reel

Also known as Kilcoon, The Kilcoon, Ríl Choill Chluana.

There are 18 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Spey In Spate (a few times) and The Street Player (a few times).

The Kilcloon has been added to 2 tune sets.

The Kilcloon has been added to 37 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Kilcloon
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G,2B,D GBdB|cdef gfga|bgag edBA|1GEDE GEDB,:|2GEDE GABc|]
|:dggg dgBg|dggb gabg|eaag a3g|eaag edBc|
dggg dgbg|agef gbga|bgag edBA|1GEDE GABc:|2GEDE GEDB,|]

Six comments

The Kilcloon

From Chris Droneys "Fertile Rock".
A great one for C/G concertina as it goes down to a "growler" bottom G

i heard this one played a lot around Leitrim last summer. I was told it was composed by a local musician - I forget the name, I’m afraid.

Joe Liddy! Also on Kevin Crawford’s "In Good Company".

“The Fertile Rock” ~ yes!

1.) Reels: Ann Droney’s (Ann Droney ~ MÓC Music) / The Kilcloon (Joe Liddy) (2.26)

The Joe Liddy tunecolelction is available on the web as ABC but I forget where now, possibly Bill Black’s site

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