Two recordings of a tune named
The Kilcloon
With a tune named
The Spey In Spate

The Kilcloon (reel) is also known as Kilcoon, The Kilcoon, Ríl Choill Chluana.

The Spey In Spate (reel) is also known as Da Spey In Spate, John Stewart’s, Spey And Spate, The Spey In A Spate, Spey In A State, The Spey In The Spate.

Echoes Of Erin 2012 by Various Artists

  1. Quinn Of Armagh
  2. The Spey In Spate
  3. The Kilcoon

Launching The Boat by Siona

  1. The Spey In Spate
  2. The Kilcoon