Siúil A Ghrá barndance

Also known as Siúil, A Ghrá.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Siúil A Ghrá
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:F2|B3 c d2 c2|B2 F2 F3 G|A2 F2 d3 c|B2 E2 E3 E|
F2 FE D2 DE|F2 B2 d3 e|f3 e d3 B|dc B^A B4|
B3 c d3 c|B2 F2 F2 G2|A2 AF d3 B|A2 E2 E3 E|
F3 E D3 E|F2 B2 d2 de|f2 fe d3 B|d2 c/B/^A B4-|B4 z2:|

Five comments

“Siúil A Ghrá” ~ an air

Alright, I’m no whiz when it comes to transcribing airs, but a discussion came up with regards to this tune here:

Discussion: Slubhail a Gradh?

“Is there anyone who knows what this means or where I can hear a recorded version of this tune? It is one of the first ones I ever tried to play on fiddle, but I would like to hear how it is played traditionally, if it is in fact played by anyone. Thanks”

# Posted on February 3rd 2007 by pearse

So, I’ve made a stab at it for ‘pearse’. I hope this is at least close to what you remember. This may also give you a lead in to learning ABC notation…

I know there’s a load of you out there that will recognize the air and I suspect the lyrics will follow too, which would be welcome…

“Siúil a Ghrá” ~ another take on it

“110 Ireland’s Best Slow Airs”
Waltons Publishing, 1999 (& a CD is available)
ISBN: 1-85720-082-9

Page 36, air #60: “Siúil a Ghrá”

I know a different song with similar words. It’s on Carmel Gunning’s “The Lakes of Sligo” CD and the first album of Solas.