Wiggen polka

Also known as Hoy Tune, Viggen.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Wiggen
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A/G/|FA dF|A3 B/A/|GB dG|B3 c/B/|
Ac e>f|g~f ed|cA Bc|1 df/d/ A:|2 d2 d A/G/||
|:F/A/d/A/ F/A/d/A/|F/A/d/A/ F B/A/|G/B/d/B/ G/B/d/B/|G/B/d/B/ G c/B/|
A/c/e/c/ A/c/e/c/|A/c/e/c/ ~A2|1 {B}A^G/A/ BA|F3 A/G/:|2 {B}A^G/A/ B/A/B/c/|dd/d/ dz||
ff/f/ ff|fe de|dB/B/ BB|B4|
A/c/e/c/ A/c/e/c/|A/c/e/c/ ~A2|1 {B}A^G/A/ BA|F4:|2 {B}A^G/A/ B/A/B/c/|dd/d/ d||
X: 2
T: Wiggen
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
B/A/|FA dF|A3 B/A/|GB dG|B3 c/B/|
Ac e3/2f/|gf e3/2d/|1 cA BA|F3 B/A/:|2 cA Bc|d3 B/A/||
|:F/A/d/A/ F/A/d/A/|F/A/d/A/ F/A/d/A/|G/B/d/B/ G/B/d/B/|G/B/d/B/ G/B/d/B/|
A/c/e/c/ A/c/e/c/|A/c/e/c/ A/c/e/c/|1 A3/2A/ BA|F3 B/A/:|2 A3/2A/ Bc|d2 de||
|:f3/2f/ ff|fe dc|B3/2B/ BB|B z "^Hoy!"z2|
A/c/e/c/ A/c/e/c/|A/c/e/c/ A/c/e/c/|1 A3/2A/ BA|F2 de:|2 A3/2A/ Bc|d3||

Six comments


well - there are no comments about the tune, so I’ll just tell that it’s a Swedish tune and very popular .

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Musak in Swedish supermarkets

I have a house in Sweden. In the local supermarket I sometimes here this tune as background music. ;)

Type of tune..

No it isn’t - Gärdebylåten is a ‘gång (walk) låt (tune)’ - a kind of march, GL is a polka.

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Quite correct Daniel - it’s called Wiggen. One of the ceilidh collections I think incorrectly called it the Hoi Tune.