Gleann Na Smól jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Gleann Na Smól
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
[1 Adc cAG|FAB EFD|GFD B,2 D|A,B,D DEF|z FE D2 E:|
[2 ABF ABc|dFc BAF|GB,F EDB,|A,B,D DEF|z FE D2 F||
[1 ceA AGA|FAE EAD|Bed BAG| A3 A2 F:|
[2c(3cde BcA|F(3FGA EAD|Bze edB|A3 =G3|

Seven comments

Michael Rooney Tune

Michael Rooney composed this tune for his wedding (he is married to flute player June McCormack). It is a lovely tune and before I knew for definite that this was one of his compositions, I had a strong feeling it was.

It can be quite a challenging tune particularly for flute players and pipers. String instruments handle it a little better but the change to the key of A in the second means quite a bit of unusual stretching to the sixth fret for banjo players and there is some complicated bridging section in part one on the variation second time through. And, to top it off, those triplets at the end of the tune can be quite tricky.

I don’t have a name for the tune yet but if no one can come up with one, I suppose we could call it Michael Rooney’s.

Obviously fluters and pipers cannot play it as written.

In G/Dmaj, it would be playable on the flute and pipes.

Yeah well this is how I play it and my grupa ceoil consists of four flute players and a piper who play it in this key. a keyed flute would obviously help here though.

That should be a torture for fluters and pipers. It’s out of the range of these instruments. Nice tune though.

Yeah, it is to be honest slainte. But if we pull it off as a group, it can be quite impressive. I think the piper has decided to play it on his concertina though.