Three recordings of
The Galway Belle
The Rattlin’ Bog

The Galway Belle (polka) is also known as 69th Street, The 69th Street, Captain Moonlight, Captain Moonlight’s Army, Cuz’s, The Galway Bell, The Galway Belles, The Galway Bells, The Galway Rogue, Kerry, The Kerry, Last Chance, Sixty Ninth Street, The Sixty-Ninth Street, Terry Teahan’s, Tom McVicar’s, Tom O Vicker’s, Tom O’Vicar’s, Tom O’Vicker’s, Tom Vicar’s, Tom Vicker’s.

The Rattlin’ Bog (polka) is also known as Bog Cotton, The Bog Down In The Valley O’, Bog Down In The Valley-o, The Clap Dance, Leabaidh, The Mist On The Bog, Old Bog Hole, The Old Bog Hole, Rattling Bog, The Rattling Bog, The Siege Of Ennis.

Celtic Fury by O'Malley's March

  1. Galway Belle
  2. Rattlin’ Bog
  3. Mickey Chewing Bubble

Hoffman & Trippe by Hope Hoffman and Jeff Trippe

  1. Rattlin’ Bog
  2. Galway Belles
  3. Rattlin’ Bog (Repeat)

Lifescapes: Celtic Fiddle by Dirk Freymuth

  1. The Clap Dance
  2. Sixty Ninth Street