Brigg Fair jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Brigg Fair
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B2^c|d>BB ~BAG|A3 A>B^c|B2E E2F|G3 ~FED|
E2E G2A|B>AB dFF|G2G A2~G|E3||
X: 2
T: Brigg Fair
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B2c|d2B BAG|A3 B2c|B2E E2F|G3 E2D|
E2E G2A|BAB d2F|GFG AGF|E3 B2^c|
dBB BAG|A3 ABc|B2E E2F|G3 E2D|
E2E G2A|BAB d2F|G2G A2G|E6||

Five comments

Brigg Fair

This song has a long history. I use to play it as a slow air, but it can also be played in a faster tempo. I can recommend listening to the composer Percy Grainger´s harmonisation of this song - bold and beautiful!

Brigg Fair 2

I forgot to mention that my transcription is very close to Percy Graingers arrangement (more like classical music]. It would be interesting if someone more acquainted with english(?) folk songs could add a more genuine transcription.

Brigg Fair - original source

Falkbeer, I wonder why you didn’t use the transcription I provided for you on Chiff & Fipple?

My setting was transcribed directly from the 1905 recording made by Percy Grainger of Joseph Taylor singing Brigg Fair. This is the attested, recorded source of Grainger’s orchestral treatment. The setting you posted here is incomplete -- the second half of the tune is missing. Those C-sharps are definitely not in Taylor’s singing. And the links I provided in the above posting give some historical background on the singer and the song.

For reference, here’s the transcription:

T:Brigg Fair
H:Recorded by Percy Grainger in 1905 from the singing of Joseph Taylor.
Z:MTGuru for C&F
B2c|d2B BAG|A3 B2c|B2E E2F|G3 E2D|
w:It was on the fifth_ of Au-gust the wea-ther hot and fair,_ Un-
E2E G2A|BAB d2F|GFG AGF|E3 B2^c|
w:to Brigg Fair I did-a re-pair for love_ I was_ in-clined, I got
dBB BAG|A3 ABc|B2E E2F|G3 E2D|
w:up with the lark in the mor-ning with my heart_ full of glee,_ Ex-
E2E G2A|BAB d2F|G2G A2G|E6|]
w:pect-ing there to meet-a my dear, long time I wished to see.

Comment to MTGuru

Thanks for adding the original version of Brigg Fair!

1. My own playing of this tune is very influenced of the Percy Grainger arrangement and I believe that is the version most people today have heard. I do point ot this in my comment.

2. My first thought was actually to add your transcription (and not mine) to The Session. But it didn´t feel right to add someone else´s arrangement whithout that person´s permission. Or even worse - taking kredit for someone else´s work. I think the situation is much better now when you have added your own transcription and the links and historical background.

3. You are quite right that Granger added a stanza (his own) to Brigg Fair, which i didn´t include here.


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