Knocknagree slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: Knocknagree
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: efe B2 A F2 E B2 A | FEF A2 F D2 F A2 B |
efe B2 A F2 E B2 A |[1 FEF A2 F E3 E3 :|[2 FEF A2 F E3 E2 A ||
|: B2 e efe f2 a afa | baf a2 f e2 d B2 A |
[1 B2 e efe f2 a afa | baf a2 f e3 e3 :|
[2 efe B2 A F2 E B2 A | FEF A2 F E3 E3 |]

Ten comments

A loverly shlide from Ceol as Sliabh Luachra.
Julia and Bill Clifford play this one, and when I saw it warn’t up yet I wouldn’t to let the travesty stand. Great tune, set up with Kishkeam Lasses - but be aware that passed through my teacher, we’re not so sure on the names, so for fullness’ sake, we’re calling her one and the other -_-

Enjoy! I’ll put up the other laters-on.


& the B-part is just a variant of the last part of Hehir’s, honest! ~ cross my heart!!!

There are a few 32 bar tunes floating about that have broken off of that multi-part, either that or Hehir’s was an expansion on one or the other of them? I’ve been in a discussion of this before and can’t remember the outcome. The earliest member of the family I had, personally, was a 32 bar tune collected in the 70’s… Parts A & B of Hehir’s being one, A & D, like this one, being another…


Wouldn’t I be a lump and a half >_>

I’m sure poor Julia would be very much interested to hear her old shlide inside another…


Nah, you ain’t no lump… Like I said, also being a fan of the Murphys and Cliffords, the first ways I knew these airs was as 32 measures… I wouldn’t lay claim to knowing, but my suspicion is that the 32 measure came before 64, that being the classic form for the tunes and dances that accompany each other. It wuold be interesting to know those histories better… I have to admit, I like them all…

Oh, wow.

So I just completely amended the ABC notation to show the right slide >_< Somehow, that "the" modifier missed me the fact that Kishkeam Lasses is most certainly up already, and it is what I -had- transcribed above. What’s there now is the actual Knocknagree Slide.

Of course, now her MIDI and sheet music’s all messed up. Poo.


"Rural Felicity" / "Kerry" ~ just two parts ~ alas is no more ~ "POOF!"

See ‘comments’ for "Kathleen Hehir’s" for the ABCs and notes from that submission…

Ignore much of what has been said above - - - 😛

It was for a previously submitted transcription of ABCs that has now been replaced by another. So, from

Kathleen Hehir’s?
# Posted by Rumgut - February 13th, 2007

~ to ~ just before this - - - “Rural Felicity” / “Kerry” ~ just two parts ~ alas is no more ~ “POOF!”
# Posted by ceolachan - February 23rd, 2008

Have absolutely nothing to do with the transcription that is now here… 😏