Kelly’s Cellars reel

By Josephine Keegan

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Kelly's Cellars
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:B|A/A/A FA dcde|f/e/d ed cAGF|E2 B,E G2 F/G/A|B/c/d eA gefe|
d/d/d AG FAde|fded cA A/A/A|af g/f/e fdec|dA E/F/G FD D:|
|:d|fg b/a/g fd d/d/d|Ad d/d/d fgaf|g2 f/e/d cA A/A/A|eAfA gBag|
fgag fd d/d/d|Ad d/d/d efge|f2 e/d/c Aeag|fd e/d/c AdF:|
|:e|f/f/f df Af f/f/f|eAce g/g/g eg|fded cA G/F/E|FdAf e2 g/f/e|
fAdf afdf|eAce gece|fdec Aeag|fdec Ad- d:|
X: 2
T: Kelly's Cellars
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A2 FA dcde|fded cAGF|E2 B,E GFGA|(3Bcd eA gefe|
(3ded AG FAde|fded cA (3ABA|afge fded|dAGE FD D2:|
|:agag fd (3ddd|Ad (3dcd fgaf|gfed cA (3ABA|eAfA gbag|
fgag fd (3ddd|Ad (3ddd efge|(3fed ed ceag|fdec Adde:|
|:(3fgf df Afdf|eAce g3 a|fded cAGE|FAdf efge|
(3fgf df afef|eAce gece|(3fed ed ceag|fdec Ad d2:|

Six comments

"Kelly’s Cellars" ~ by Josephine Keegan

I’ve a few transcriptions for this curious reel, and here is another:

K: D Major
|: A2 FA dcde | fded cAGF | E2 B,E GFGA | (3Bcd eA gefe |
(3ded AG FAde | fded cA (3ABA | afge fded | dAGE FD D2 :|
|: agag fd (3ddd | Ad (3dcd fgaf | gfed cA (3ABA | eAfA gbag |
fgag fd (3ddd | Ad (3ddd efge | (3fed ed ceag | fdec Adde :|
|: (3fgf df Afdf | eAce g3 a | fded cAGE | FAdf efge |
(3fgf df afef | eAce gece | (3fed ed ceag | fdec Ad d2 :|

And yet another transcription sent to me has the last two parts, B & C, minus the repeat ~ :|… The melody by its nature suggests repeats. Unfortunately I don’t have a recording of Josephine at hand anymore to check the transcript against her playing… The ABC’s just previous, note for note, are from a transcript that is supposed to be hers, note for note, except, it is also the one missing the repeats… The transcriptions is packed, 8 measures to a line…

I suspect someone will have more to offer and look forward to it…

"Kelly’s Cellars" is a pub in Belfast

Not just any old pub. People have been drinking in Kelly’s Cellars for 200 hundred years or so — great place for a pint any time of the day and the Saturday sessions were mighty. Hope they still are.

"Kelly’s Cellars" ~ the Belfast Pub
Kelly’s Cellars, Bank Lane.
"One of Ireland’s oldest bars still retaining a 17th. century feel with its vaulted ceilings, low whitewashed arches, old barrels and low counter. Basic bar food downstairs, but upstairs has more variety. A haunt of visitors from all over the world savouring the bustle of a pub little changed from 1720 when Henry Joy McCracken hid from the redcoats."

This was a transcription on request, a friend…

I hope this goes some ways in meeting your needs. By the time you’ve read and heard this you will probably have the other dots in hand… Any problems or oddities I take full responsibility for… 😉

This is the oldest pub in Belfast. McHugh’s makes a similar claim. McHugh’s is an older building than Kelly’s, but Kelly’s was a pub before McHugh’s became one.