Two recordings of
Master McDermott’s
Lively Steps

Master McDermott’s (reel) is also known as Barrel Rafferty, Barrel Rafferty’s, Barrell Rafferty’s, MacDermott’s, Master MacDermott, Master MacDermott’s, Master McDermot’s, Master McDermott, Master McDermott’s, McDermott’s.

Lively Steps (reel) is also known as The Lively Steps.

Live-Disc 2 by Natalie MacMaster

  1. Master McDermott’s
  2. Lord Gordon’s
  3. Lively Steps
  4. The Fourth Bridge
  5. Master McDermott’s
  6. Tammy Sullivan’s
  7. The Holly Bush
  8. Rannie MacLellan’s
  9. Angus Chisholm’s Style

The 'Reel' Thing by Wendy MacIsaac

  1. Dundee Clog
  2. Foresters Clog
  3. Master McDermott
  4. Lively Steps
  5. The Fairy Dance