The Cape North jig

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“The Haughs Of Cromdale” - Strathspey, 19th Century

Key signature: E Dorian
Submitted on July 27th 2006 by ceolachan.

😏 Catching up with neglected connections…

“The Haughs Of Cromdale” ~ 18th Century ~ ealiest notation

Respect and thank you to Nigel Gatherer…

“earliest” ~ I am at a confusion as letters keep disappearing after posting… Hey!, ‘r’ again, that has happened a few times. Maybe I’m too light with that key or something on our mechanical keyboard? ~ or maybe it is just me… 😏

For more on “The Haughs”, click and check out the comments and other relatives…

DAMN! ~ “The Cape North Jig” NOT g minor!!! ~ D DORIAN!!! 😏

Apologies, I was very semi-conscious this morning and am just waking up… I can’t believe I did that…


G Dorian (not g minor)

Too late for the sheetmusic, but interesting midi…

I must have been blind when I chose the key. I guess I really do need those reading glasses… 😎

“The Cape North Jig” ~ A Dorian

K: A Dorian
|: a |
e2 A ABA | edc Bcd | e2 A ABc | BAG Bcd |
e2 A ABA | edc B2 d |1 efg dcB | A3 A2 :|2 e2 g dBG | A3- A ||
|: BA |
G2 f g2 a | gfe g3 | B2 c d2 e | dBc d3 |
efg af/g/a | bgb afd | g2 e dBG |1 A3 A :|2 A3 A2 ||

I quite like the minor take on it, in which case this could be ‘a minor’…

Duh, duh, duh, guh, guh, aaah, slap, slap, slap ~ I need a long walk in the countryside, fresh cold air… Would it were in the Highlands National Park… Maybe it’s stress and worry because the car’s back in the garage, for the second time in the last week… Nnnnnnn!!! 🙁

“The Cape North Jig” ~ SHEETMUSIC = 1 flat, not 2

For those reading the dots, the normal take on this is right in the ABC’s, G Dorian, but the sheetmusic took quickly, before I saw my mistake, and the key signature should be just one flat, Bb only…but it is ‘interesting’ with two too ~ as minor…

~ or d minor… 😉