Three recordings of
The Newcastle
Mary Claire

The Newcastle (hornpipe) is also known as McCormack’s, McCormick’s, New Castle, Newcastle Clog, Prince Albert, Prince Albert’s.

Mary Claire (hornpipe) is also known as Mary Clare, Mary Clare’s.

A Compilation by Natalie MacMaster

  1. The Newcastle
  2. The Second Star
  3. Mrs. Forbes Leith
  4. Mary Claire
  5. Jabe Meadow

Cape Breton Violin by Willie Kennedy

  1. Hiawatha
  2. Newcastle
  3. Lady Charlotte Campbell
  4. Clear The Track
  5. Mary Claire
  6. Eugene Stratton
  7. Lady Madelina Sinclair’s Birthday
  8. Miss Menzie Of Menzie’s

Spirit by Gillian Head

  1. The Newcastle
  2. Mary Claire
  3. Tom Marsh