The Nomad jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Nomad
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
e2d|:c2d/c/ B2c|A3 e2f|e2d c2B|A3 e^fg|
^f3 d3|d2e ^f2g|e2d cd/c/B|c2d/c/ B2A|
B3 g3|B3 c/B/AG|A2B A2G|E3 e2d|
[1 cd/c/B ABc|B2A GAB|ABA GAB|A3 e2d:|
[2 cd/c/B c2A|B2A GAB|ABA GAB|A2B c2d||
|:e3 a3|a4zb|a2g e2d|e2f e2d|
e^fg f2a|g3 ga/g/e|d2c B2A|G2A BAG|
cd/c/B c2A|d3 c2d|e2^f gfe|a3 a2g|
^f3 d3|d2e ^f2g|e3 A3|d3 e2d|
c2d/c/ B2c|A2B c2d|e3 E3|E3 e2d|
cd/c/B ABc|B2A GAB|ABA GAB|1 A2B c2d:|2 A3 e2d||

Three comments

Carreer change

Very Like ‘Princes Royal’ atrib Carolan. From Princess Royal to Nomad seems a very drastic carreer move


… though I see an alternative title to Princess Royal is The Gypsey Princess Royal so perhaps the move wasn’t quite so drastic.