Three recordings of
Dillon Brown
Master McDermott’s

Dillon Brown (reel) is also known as Dillon Brown’s, Willie Clancy’s Mountain Top.

Master McDermott’s (reel) is also known as Barrel Rafferty, Barrel Rafferty’s, Barrell Rafferty’s, MacDermott’s, Master MacDermott, Master MacDermott’s, Master McDermot’s, Master McDermott, Master McDermott’s, McDermott’s.

Dance for Joy! by Reel of Seven

  1. Dr. Bob Smith
  2. Dillon Brown
  3. Master McDermot’s
  4. The Plough And The Stars

The Border Fiddler by Geoff Purvis

  1. Master MacDermot’s
  2. Dillon Brown
  3. Ron McDonald’s

The Twentieth Anniversary Collection by Various Artists

  1. Master McDermott’s
  2. The Plough And The Stars
  3. Dillon Brown