The Sermon hornpipe

Also known as Spenser’s, Y Bregeth.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Sermon
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d2|f2eg fdAG|FAdf ecAG|FAdf egfa|gfge dcBA|
f2eg fdAG|FAdf ecAG|FAdf egfa|gece d2:|
|:fg|a2 a^g afdB|bgec dcBA|FAdf egfa|gfge dcBA|
a2 a^g afdB|bgec dcBA|FAdf egfa|gece d2:|
|:ag|fdcd Adcd|fdcd AGFE|FAdf egfa|gfge dcBA|
fdcd Adcd|fdcd AGFE|FAdf egfa|gece d2:|
|:fg|afdf bgef|gfge dcBA|Bgg2 Aff2|gefd dcBA|
afdf bgef|gfge dcBA|BGFG E2ef|gece d2:|
|:ag|f2eg f2eg|f2eg fdAG|FAdf egfa|gfge dcBA|
f2eg f2eg|f2eg fdAG|FAdf egfa|gece d2:|
|:A2|(3ded af (3ded bg|gefc dcBA|(3BcB gB (3ABA fa|gfed dcBA|
(3ded af (3ded bg|gefc dcBA|BGFG E2ef|gece d3A|
(3ded af (3ded bg|gefc dcBA|(3BcB gB (3ABA fa|gefd dcBA|
(3abc' d'a bfge|gefd dcBA|BGFG Eggg|fage d2:|

Three comments

The Sermon

This tune was mentioned in the discussion thread "longest piece" (#12821) as a contender for the longest piece.
I’ve transcribed the tune from Tro LLaw, a collection of Welsh hornpipes from the National Library of Wales made and published by Robin Huw Bowen ISBN 0-907158-25-0. The composer appears to be unknown.
This tune has 112 bars when played with all repeats. The entire tune, or parts of it, could be useful for hornpipe figures in some set dances, e.g. the Dublin Set (entire tune) and others such as the Caledonian, Caragh Lake, Borlin, Armagh, Ballinascarty Half Set, and Cashel.
The fourth bar from the end of the tune may amuse some fiddle players 🙂

The title couldn’t be more fitting - long and rambling. But nice. it’ll be a challenge to learn all those parts and not mix them up.

The Sermon

Yes, there are several subtle differences, one example being the slight changes between the 2nd bars of the 4th and 6th parts.