Brian O’Kane’s march

Also known as Brian O’Kane’s, Brian O’Kane’s March #2, Brian O’Kane’s March No.2, Kane’s March.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Brian O'Kane's
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: F>G |
A^GBA FAd>e | fdaf d2 e>f | gfed edc>d | edBd A2 F>G |
A^GBA FAd>e | fdaf d2 e>f | gecA ^GABc | d2 d>c d2 :|
K: Gmaj
|: c2 |
B>ABc dDGB | cCEG D2 B,>C | DB,DG B/c/d c>B | ADFA d2 B>c |
dDGB cCEG | DB,DG B2 A>B | cAFD CDEF | G2 G>F G2 :|
K: Amaj
|: E2 |
c/B/A ec aecA | DFdB c2 cd | e2 e>f ecAB | c/B/A dc B2 cd |
e2 e>f ecBA | DFdB c2 cd | e2 g>f edcB | A2 A>B A2 :|

Six comments

“Brian O’Kane’s March”

This is one of The Bridge Ceili Band’s party pieces, and a fun tune to play, moving from D to G to A as it does… The transcription given is from their playing… I’ll add another later, but hope there are others out there with their own twist to it who will offer other choices…

Thanks Ceolachan for posting a great march. I remember transcribing it more than 20 years ago from a garbled recording someone brought back from a Fleadh but did we get some mileage out of it! It was always a favourite as a céilí band competition march as the key changes worked so well with piano backing. I understand Brian has also written some other good marches but I can’t bring any to mind at the minute.

Brian O’Kane’s March

Many thanks ceolachan for posting this fine march. I’ve just posted what you’ll recognise as a very close relation - I’ve titled it ‘O’Kane’s March’ to try to avoid confusion.

I’d known that there were marches known as O’Kane’s No.1 and O’Kanes No.2. From Bannerman’s comments it would appear there are more. Sadly, I’ve no idea which numbers were assigned to these tunes.

We normally play the other march AABBACCA and I guess we’ll probably follow suit with this one.

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“O’Kane’s March” ~ another Brian O’Kane march

Key signature: G Major
Submitted on March 6th 2007 by fifer.

I have some inkling that I may have the information about at lest #’s 1 & 2. I’ll check and if so add it in the alternate titles…

#2s ~ there is another claim to that numeration:

There is also a 2-part march by Brian O’Kane that has been given the numeration #2 in Martin Mulvihill’s "First Collection of Traditional Irish Music", New York, 1986. It was another of O’Kane’s, which sadly I haven’t got to add here, that was paired up with #1 (linked to just previously) as the second tune in a set by Martin Mulvihill, his school and their ‘Glincastle Ceili Band’, New York, U.S.A…

An LP of ‘The Glinside Ceili Band’ was released in 1977 by Green Linnet, SIF 1009. Track 19 is the marches. If anybody has this it would be great to see a transcription of that "O’Kane’s March #2"…