Laura And Ethena reel

Also known as Laura And Athena.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Laura And Ethena
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
A^c|d2 fd AFDF|E/E/E cE dEcE|^cdfd AFDF|A d2^c dAfA|
d2 fd AFDF|E/E/E cE decE|defe dcAF|GFEC CDDA|
^cdfd AFDF|E/E/E cE dEcE|^cdfd afdf|a d2^c cAFA|
^cdfd AFDF|E/E/E cE dEcE|defe dcAF|GFEC CDDA|
^cdad bdad|d/d/d ad bdad|c/c/c gc acgc|c2 g a2 gfe|
B/B/B fB gBfB|B/B/B f g2 fed|^cAce _agfe|fgef dA=B^c|
dafd afda|bagf efed|cgec gecg|agfe fedc|
ABfB BgBB|_aB B/B/B gBfB|e^de^g a=gfe|fgef dD|

Twelve comments

Fun tune, have any history for it? The
B1/2B1/2B fB gBfB|B1/2B1/2B f g2 fed |
bars are a little flamanco-y for my ears, but the rest of the tune has a solid traditional sound. Sounds like a John Whelan Comp.

Laura and Athena

Written for Laura Risk and Athena Tergis, amazing american fiddle players, by Hanneke Cassel who plays with the Cathie Ryan band, Alasdair Fraser and Halali

Very fun tune Kathryn! Shades of Julia Delaney but with a decidedly jazzed up twist.

Laura Risk’s "Greenfire" cd is a good one for hearing what can be done by stripping tunes down to their elemental melody lines. She’s a lovely player—great tone and emotion, and all the chops too.

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That ‘A’ part definitely has that "Jenny Picking Tempest at the College Groves" feel to it.

"Fun" tune I suppose, but then so is The Bucks of Oranmore which doesn’t contain any notes which jump at you like a hare from a thicket.

Bar 4

I have made a mistake in bar 4 instead of d A f A it is d A F A,
I didn’t know anything about it. Someone called Shetland Pony gave us the music at the Splore in Aberdeen last summer.
PS is gan ainm the irish gaelic for gun ainm in Gaidhlig(Scots) for without name?

Kathryn, yep, gan ainm means without name. Carefully spelled because gan anim means without a soul, which would be very misleading of most trad tunes.

Thanks for the correction…it seemed more logical to go to the low F anyway.

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Anams and ainms

gun ainm means without name and gun anam means without spirit in gaidhlig.

By the way, R

Re: Laura And Ethena

Does anyone know if this is off the album "Journey Begun"?