Jennifer MacDonald’s waltz

By Glenn Graham

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Jennifer MacDonald's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
[1 A,3B,C2|C2AGG2|F6|F2EDD2|c3BA2|GE3G2|A6|A6:|
[2 A3GA2|B3cB2|A2a2g2|f/g/aa4|fd3f2|c2eaa2|GB3G2|A6||
[1 c6|c2BAA2|eAdAcA|B2AGG2|e6|e2gaa2|
[2 cedAcA|cedAcA|eAdAcA|B2AGG2|A3GA2|B3cB2|
X: 2
T: Jennifer MacDonald's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
(uA2a2g2)|(vf/g/a)a4|(ufd3f2)|vc2(uea) a z|(vGB3)u[G2B2]|v[A6A6]:|
(veAdAcA)|uB2vAuGG2|1 (u[A,3E3][B,E][C2E2])|u[C2E2]vAuGG2|v[F6A6]|{G}u[F2A2]v[EA]u[DA][D2A2]|
{AB}vc3uBvA2|(uGE3[G2B2])|v[A6A6]|u[A6A6]:|2 vA3(uGA2)|vB3ucvB2|
(uA2a2g2)|(vf/g/a)a4|(ufd3f2)|vc2(uea) a z|(vGB3)u[G2B2]|v[A6A6]||
|:u[e6e6]|ve2ugvaa2|ud6|vd2uavgg2|1 {AB}uc6|{d}vc2uBvAA2|
{AB}uc3vBuA2|(v[GB][E3B3])u[G2B2]|v[A6A6]|u[A6A6]:|2 (vcedAcA)|
(uA2a2g2)|(vf/g/a)a4|(ufd3f2)|vc2(uea) a z|(vGB3)u[G2B2]|v[A6A6]||

Seven comments

Jennifer MacDonald’s Waltz

This lovely air was written by Cape Breton fiddler Glenn Graham in 2003 for his cousin, Jennifer MacDonald.
I have hesitated posting this tune because Glenn has not recorded the tune as yet and neither has it been published, as far as I know, but it is such a lovely tune and has been recorded by another cousin, Andrea Beaton, on Cuts, with minor changes to the melodic rhythm.
Note that the tune is called Jennifer MacDonald’s Waltz and not Jennifer MacDonald’s despite what it might be listed under on TheSession. It should also be played slower than the midi file plays it. Glenn Graham plays it at about 116 bpm, though it still works at 128.
Below is how Glenn graham played the tune ar the Gaelic College last summer (2006), including bowing, phrasing and chording, for the benefit of fiddlers. Note that bowing and phrasing is only for the first time through each part.
X: 1
T: Jennifer MacDonald’s Waltz
C: Glenn Graham
O: Cape Breton
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
Q: 1/4=116
R: waltz
K: A
(uA2a2g2)|(vf/g/a-)a4|(ufd3f2)|vc2(uea-)a z|(vGB3)u[G2B2]|v[A6A6]:|
(veAdAcA)|uB2vAuG-G2|[1 (u[A,3E3-][B,E-][C2E2])|u[C2E2]vAuG-G2|v[F6A6]| {G}u[F2A2]v[EA]u[D-A-][D2A2]|
{AB}vc3uBvA2|(uGE3[G2B2])|v[A6A6]|u[A6A6]:|[2 vA3(uGA2)|vB3ucvB2|
(uA2a2g2)|(vf/g/a-)a4|(ufd3f2)|vc2(uea-)a z|(vGB3)u[G2B2]|v[A6A6]|
|:u[e6e6]|ve2ugva-a2|ud6|vd2uavg-g2|[1 {AB}uc6|{d}vc2uBvA-A2|
{AB}uc3vBuA2|(v[GB-][E3B3])u[G2B2]|v[A6A6]|u[A6A6]:|[2 (vcedAcA)|
(uA2a2g2)|(vf/g/a-)a4|(ufd3f2)|vc2(uea-)a z|(vGB3)u[G2B2]|v[A6A6]|]

Jennifer MacDonald’s Waltz

Many thanks for posting this fine tune DonaldK.
Any chance that the ‘D’s in bars 4 and 12 of Part B could be ‘C#’s"?

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The D’s are D’s.

Hi fifer.
The D’s are correct - the implied harmony in bars 3 & 4 is D major. Glenn Graham plays the F#-E-D in bar 4 with the open A string as a drone. It makes the jump to the C# in bar 5 more poignant (or whatever), being one semitone short of the octave.

And the dotted half notes should, of course, sound for their full length and not as on the midi sound file.

And to give the tune its full due you would play through the whole thing twice and then repeat the last eight bars.

Deaf fiddlers

Appreciate your taking the time to respond DonaldK and the additional tips. When I looked at the transcription you listed above, from Glenn Graham’s playing, I saw the point.

Of course checking the tuning on my fiddle might have been a good idea too - but then why break the habit of a lifetime!

Thanks again

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Deaf fiddlers

No probs, fifer. I sometimes have a dozen layers of cloth over my ears.
Glad you like the tune. We were bowled over by it. Makes you wonder what Jennifer Macdonald’s like to have such a tune named after her.